Alternative use for a tomato

For the last couple of months I have been looking at stuff on the supermarket shelves in a different light. I am usually fairly aware of size and shape but recently I’ve been so occupied with this sculpture I’m doing that everything I see gets evaluated with one part of my brain for its potential incorporation into my project as my problem solving lobes take control.

[recent thrifty tip : bamboo skewers make very cheap disposable stirring sticks and cheap kitchen surface cleaner comes in a very re-usable spray bottle..]

But one thing has been avoiding me for a while…a small ball shaped soft object smaller than a ping-pong ball….needed to cast plaster around for shaping into a flower. My final choice, made in a flash of inspiration, was a cherry tomato…

Ahh… vegetable based sculpture, well, it amused me…and it worked perfectly.

This weekend sees me pouring silicone rubber today followed by making support moulds from plaster for this lot…

5 pitcher plants, 6 lilly pads and 3 mushrooms, and a few assorted bits… all in crystal resin except for the mushrooms which I think I’ll make solid, for a bit of contrast.

Managed to set up a test of the lighting this last week and took a very blurry photo but the principle seems good even if the light needs to be a little stronger. My ongoing paint problems (the glass paint I’m using is like nail varnish and difficult to brush a larger surface as it dries and clogs too much) I am going to try and overcome by trying to spray it with an empty spray bottle. ….if that doesn’t work I am very impressed with the following cheap spray system.. here. On the manufacturers website the system is about $9 with refills at $6, perfect. Will report back on the tests….

Although I haven’t been online much this last week (it’s been a full gardening week) there are few who will not have heard of the closing of Pirats and Norden, two very energetic and enlightened art galleries. Their enthusiasm has been a great asset for SL and it seems a bit silly to let all the best things slowly disappear for the sake of a few dollars, but …. no deals to be done with the Boys, I guess. Thanks to Wizzy for Tweeting this …. just more of the usual… idiocy.

Good news from Inworldz tho as Toymaker has taken up the offer of a free sim from Jeri and is stating to build there. A great builder… hurrah… The Elf Clan Fantasy Festival art show is now open on the Equilibrium sim, also sponsored by Jeri and well worth a look if you are/visit Inworldz… a lot of artists are showing there, myself included. (I have only built a modest thingy due to time constraints)..

The snow has fallen in my RL world and everywhere is quiet and clean looking. We got about 4 inches in the night and people are staying indoors … most of them won’t be pouring silicone…

Must get on… have a good sunday..




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5 responses to “Alternative use for a tomato

  1. woot. make a snowperson and take pics. :D

  2. ahhhhhh this is so great! *hug* the only thing missing is the lovely smell of the paints and clay and resins and… mmmm, looking delicious!

  3. Soror –
    This is so incredibly fun and cool and fascinating. Thank you so much for blogging this project. I LOVE the use of the cherry tomato – BRILLIANT! :)

  4. Well, lots of sticky rubber stuff and, so far, all looks like its going OK …

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