As I managed to bash my hand in the kitchen I can only assume that my subconscious is telling me what my brain already knows, namely that I’m bored with this sculpturing lark and need a break. Due to various circumstances I have been working away in my sort-of-studio-cum-spare-bedroom for the last 4 days and enough is enough…

So…rabbit, is also the term used for general, non-directional wittering which is what I intend doing as I am well versed in the exchange of meaningless trivia.

Fat-free yoghurt has been annoying me for ages now. I have always believed that milk was a suspension of fat in water and that fat free milk would, logically be water … well, actually its whey, but I know you can’t make yoghurt from whey, only norwegian-style brown cheese.. So…what is fat free yoghurt then? It turns out that they bung in a bit of whey powder and wall-paper paste. That is what has been irritating me really, the fact that they are allowed to still call it yoghurt when it is better suited to hanging paper. I accidentally bought low-fat creme freche … what a nightmare it tasted of nothing, what next? low fat clotted cream? Alcohol-free wine? oh, yes, it’s on the same supermarket shelf as meat-free lamb cutlets.

So… as I am just rabbiting on and I can’t repeat my Use-Of-Crap-Words-Fouling-The-English-Language-Rant I might as well continue on the food thing. I bought a litre of cheap Cola from Tescos. Just 17p, (that’s about 25 cents), half of it I used to remove the fur from the inside of my electric kettle [just pour it in before you go to bed] and the other half I used to clean the limescale out of the toilet [same method]. It is the cheapest cleaner around but how is it legal … a) to sell it so cheap and … b) why are people allowed to drink it? I think water is about 1000% more expensive.

OK, so enough of all that…I’m off to bed. Working in the snow tomorrow and putting the sculpturing on hold til Friday now .. (it’s all going fine).





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5 responses to “Rabbit

  1. wow! what a bunnie! omg, i wish i was half as brave. very inspiring!!!

  2. 1. It’s so wonderful to have friends like you, who will give little gifts like the sheep-herding bunny! +4 OSSUM

    2. My favorite Cockney slang is “had to rabbit & pork”

    3. I used to get the cheap “fruit [flavored] drinks” at the store until one day when I was working with enamels, I spilled some on my paint-covered hands… and it dissolved the paint! Afterwards, I used to buy it in jugs because it was cheaper than turpentine and better for your hands. But I always shuddered at the memory of DRINKING the stuff. It’s insane, isn’t it?

  3. Yesh we miss you in world. Do we have to shapeshift to bunnehs to make you log in? xxx

  4. De-furring kettles – Tesco cheapo cola FTW!

  5. … on the other hand, fat free yoghurt is excellent for re-furring a toilet. In case you just get that bored.

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