Artistic Stamina

Yep, we’ve all been there/here …. a project gets long, very long and in the end you have trouble maintaining the level of interest or enthusiasm that you had at the start. I know I have made pieces that, in the end, I couldn’t bear to look at any more.

The best thing is a break, and I’ve been out fighting blackberry thickets today and now, with thorns still reluctant to be evicted from my skin, I have had the distance I need to jump back in.

I thought I would show you a recent success rather than a failure as the failures are really more about my learning certain things about new media [new to me] and the technicalities involved in such… more later for those interested.

These are my lily pads. They cast perfectly, more or less and I have painted them like the ones I made Inworld, all cool…

My recent not-so-successful bits are as follows….

1) Bubbles are the plague of any casting and some resins are easier to deal with than others. On one I used an electric toothbrush touching the outside of the mould to act like a vibrator [please… behave!] but on the crystal resin it doesn’t work. The crystal resin, well, at least the one I am using, takes ages to set. Mostly it tends to clear itself but it seems quite unpredictable. Anyway…. repairing bubbles will just have to be factored in to the casting of any piece, luckily not every piece.

2) I thought I would spray the base I am making with a filler/primer paint as a final coat… seemed like a good idea at the time. The air temperature was too low and the paint ‘balled’ in mid-air so it’s gotta all be sandpapered down to a smooth finish. Doh! Well, you live and learn…

Anyway… I could go on but suffice to say the other thing I have to consider now is that the moulds I have made for some of the pieces are good for a one-off casting but a production line would require a much better made mould than I have been making. The quality will have to improve if I want these moulds to last. In fact designing the moulds is going to be a serious business if I want to continue with this and one which will require a fair amount of trial and error before I am happy with the results.

I guess I hadn’t realised quite how many new skills I would have to acquire in order to complete the task in question. Still… it’s all going forward and on a good day I think I might meet my deadline on the 10th March. Only time and a fair wind will show if this is delusional.

Have a good week, I’m gonna be planting potatoes tomorrow..




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5 responses to “Artistic Stamina

  1. planting potatoes in february???

  2. Yep, it’s near the coast and pretty mild…

  3. Nothing “delusional” about working with real soil, planting and creating something original, with your own hands, in addition to experimenting with new media.

    Stay the course!

    P.S. I too will be planting potatoes this weekend. Peruvian ones.

  4. Just wanted to let ya know I am following your artistic endeavours with great interest. Hang in there :)

  5. soror, just now catching up with your progress and – WOW! Your lily pads, pitcher plants, and lit tree trunk are AWESOME. It is worth the work – truly!! Keep on truckin!’

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