Vlogger, the movie.

It was almost a year ago that Richard Gras came to me in SL and asked if I would like to help out with a movie. He said he liked my stuff and would like some help with the Virtual part of his film which spanned both worlds [RL/SL]. I did mention it to some people but there was a bit of ‘non disclosure’ stuff so I just waited til it was edited etc… then I sort of forgot it…

It took him two years in all to write, get funding and produce the film. I did a few things like a tree and some skins for the principle avis and Cole was the main Machinima filmer.

As a part of the SL sequence Richard asked me to retexture a Klimt. It seems like the only recorded image of this Klimt is in black and white and he wanted me to colour it. I was quite nervous about this as I have the greatest respect for Klimt but, seeing as it was a SL texture and no larger than 1024, I figured I would get away with it.

Anyway, the Movie is slowly making the rounds of festivals-for-avante-garde-movies, not that I have seen it yet…

Details here…. so if you are in Brazil…

I guess that’s the problem with not having the clout of a big studio behind you… you just have to wait until someone screens it..


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