Resin and lost wax.

Now, the lost wax method of producing, say, jewellery was know as far back as Egyptian times but as far as I know it is not very often used with resin.

I have spent quite some time on a previous blog complaining about the shrinkage rates of various waxes and that has probably been a bit boring as most readers will not have any idea why I am so interested.

So…a set of photos to explain how I made the canopy of my new birch…. the ‘why?’ is simple… I wanted to cast the piece as one piece of resin rather than have a ‘join’ which is difficult to disguise.

The first step was to cast a sort of ‘former’ from a mould that could be reproduced each time as the same size. This is where the different waxes produced different results…. I decided to live with the slight variations and do remedial work after casting…

I used epoxy putty to make the rings which stuck nicely to the wax..

..and filled inbetween the rings where bubbles would otherwise develop during casting… I used a wax to do this but I could have chosen any other material

I then coated it all in silicone rubber. To be honest I think I will have to remake this part so that all the dents are filled as the support mould (not shown) has been a weakness in this mould. Having no dents would make life easier.

Cast with crystal resin …

Melt out the wax and all it needs now is a good clean and some painting… oh and a bit of remedial. I may recast it once I’ve photographed it if it gets accepted for the show. Hiding flaws is a part of being an artist in any medium I think, you just have to get good at it.

My airing cupboard is full of resin bits and pieces drying as I am trying to finish everything at once and end up shooting myself in the foot as I have nothing to do (nothing can be touched til it’s dry) and I actually had a (quite welcome) night off for once, doing nothing. My lobby is also full of very smelly resin stuff as it’s nice and airy and I don’t want it in the house til it’s set hard.

I have finished casting the base, almost and will post photos when I have a finished one to accompany the process. It has taken masses of resin and I have an almost constant stream of Amazon products (slight exaggeration) delivered to my door … I’ll have to try a bulk purchase next time…. or make something smaller.

…anyway, have a good weekend, I’m gonna be getting busier and busier as the week progresses… excited but nervous.




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8 responses to “Resin and lost wax.

  1. Why you don’t buy plastic flowers? They are not that expensive.

  2. pixi

    So very exciting! …its all looking awesome …i enjoy popping by ::)

  3. check out the comment I just left on your previous post and take heart from another Martha. As I said to Alfie over dinner – “soror is en charette this weekend.” Sending big hugs – betting on you, sis!

  4. @ everyone… big hugs … thx…XXXX

  5. Soror – Thank you so VERY much for sharing how the work is being created. This is fascinating, illuminating and fun!! *grin* It’s also sort of a cliff-hanger. We are all waiting waiting waiting for the next installment. :)

  6. Maeve

    I look at these pics and fall into a strange vertigo. It’s like you really do possess magic (soror does), and the footbridge between realms is starting to jiggle. Luv you! Hang on!

  7. Soror, once again thanks for sharing this with us all…will keep checking in!

  8. Incredible to see the process. Can’t wait to see the finished piece. It’ll be all the more interesting, having watched it here. xo

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