Finished… well, sort of..

Yep, it’s way past my bedtime and I’ve just taken a set of photos of my sculpture only to find they are all too crap (not hi-res enough) so I’ll have to do them again in the morning…still…I thought you might like to be the first people to see how it’s all shaping up… so here you are…

So…I still have a good twenty little corrections to make …. but the major work is all done..





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18 responses to “Finished… well, sort of..

  1. AWESOME! It looks great! I am sure photos do not do it justice. It’s very satisfying, yes?

    I’d make one suggestion/recommendation from my sculptural work in lucite – you might want to fashion a glass or lucite case for it (don’t use soft plastic, for cleaning purposes) similar to a bell jar that would sit over it and protect it against dust demons. Your base has wide enough margins to let such a cover sit on the edges (and line the edges of the cover with felt/velvet for anti-scratch) or just make it large enough to sit over the entire thing (raised on small ball feet for the cord clearance).

  2. jayjay zifanwe

    hey thats so cute :) and easily recognizable as well by anyone familiar with Nishi

  3. Yes it definitely maintains your style, and brings it into the outside world…well done! And I really like that glow it has in the dark. Again, thanks for sharing all your progress with us!

  4. thank you all for your support

  5. *stands and gives you a long round of applause* :)

  6. Maeve

    Now I believe the pyramids were built by humans! Awesome. YOU are awesome. IT is awesome.

  7. Cecil

    That looks pretty damn good. Very compelling on a # of levels.

    You know what would be great? If there was an online store that sold JUST RL artwork based on VW inspirations. I ask this cuz I need to decorate my dungeon.


  8. Nur Ophuls

    I showed Justine your efforts and you have energized her!!! Woot.

    I think it’s stunning.

  9. You are an inspiration to all virtual creative types… to take those bold brave steps into bringing their dreams and art outside of their digital cages! It has been a joy to be a fly on the wall watching and reading along as you shared through the process. Hoorah!! Well done!!!

  10. it’s definitely a Nishi. looks to me like it’s from her “Real” period.

  11. Boudica posted my comment; at least what I would have said if I could put it into such clear words. Realizing your virtual creations into the physical world. I love how it seems like it is obviously your work. In some ways that validates virtual art as not requiring the “virtual” qualifier.

  12. Alexina

    Lovely, soror! What a wonderful idea — like the theme of the InWorldz conference. RL -> VW -> RL.
    Prax Maryjasz and I have a great many of your IW creations. Time for another visit to your IW sim. :)

  13. jeddazen

    beautiful soror
    i’d love to be able to translate my stuff into something solid…
    that is gorgeous!
    love from jedda zenovka

  14. That ladies and gentlemen is a Nishi Sculpture…

    Exclusive from the world of Soror.

  15. *shucks* … you are all awesome, your support has been invaluable.

  16. Jeri Rahja


    The Sculptures are FANTASTIC to say the least – I could not be more proud of you!!! You are an inspiration to many – nice you see your beauty lives both in reality and virtually. Enjoy you new venture – although you are dearly missed.

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