What bears do in the woods.

I was a bit amazed last week on one of my infrequent forays into SL […Aliz “why do we prefer Iwz to SL?” …me “Because it’s so peaceful here?”  ..Aliz “Yes that must be it.”] I thought I would pop over to Primworks and rezz some prims.

So, imagine my amazement when it was gone…Yep, the sandbox where I have worked for 4 years is no more. Some strange Sound Of Music landscape has taken it’s place. Now, although you know that stuff moves and, like flowers, fade and die … it is still a shock when somewhere, some place goes. There is no experience which comes close to losing a piece of virtual land. When I gave up my beach the grief was unlike any RL grief. RL losses are experienced from an early age so that the sorrow has been written about in stories and poetry, filmed, people are interviewed..etc etc. So the loss of Primworks I can relate to the loss I felt when I gave up my beach…. something most RLers would find incomprehensible.

…and the bloody bear, sorry but it has really annoyed me. Which bear? … I’m getting ahead of myself here…[deep breath]. The Lindens announced the arrival of Direct Delivery i.e. stuff you buy on Marketplace (helping to put mall owners out of business) arrives unboxed in your invent. Now, personally the day I spent wearing my first box is as memorable as my first day at work and, with the advantage of hindsight, not one I would have missed, given the chance to recreate my lives…. but I digress, [something I am good at….]. To get back to DD and The Bear…. well actually Daniel Voyager has a much more positive and clear summary of the whole saga.

The bear is FREE and limited edition [not sure why people feel the need to write ‘free’ in caps… not sure why anyone writes anything in caps…]… the idea being that in getting one you will learn how the whole thing works.

Two things…. firstly the bear is so terrible that you couldn’t possibly sell it to anyone who is gifted with the power of sight, and secondly you could only give it to someone who has either an empty inventory or an empty brain. In short, it’s a shit gift.

Marketplace is Linden Labs attempt to get their hands on a percentage of the inter-avatar economy even though it means they lose tier, a lot of tier. Ever since they took over Xstreet or whatever it was first called (it’s been rebranded several times) they have shown how totally inept they are at business, just ask any merchant who is still selling after all these years.

Not only tier is lost in the move from mall to Marketplace… it took me months, my first months in SL, visiting malls, tping and asking advice, and getting a lot of experience as I slowly dressed myself and formed my look. It’s like my teenage years, personality formation is closely linked to clothing and experimentation with ‘look’. Now… all that can be done (almost) before you set foot inworld.

I don’t think that fiddling with the Arrival Point (however many times you rebrand it) in SL is going to fix the problem of retention….and it hasn’t impressed many [The Poultry Report by Uccello, and Inara’s post ] Everyone I speak to seems to think that Inworldz has got it right. Personally I believe that ‘instant’ gratification never leads to any deep connection, the best things and the dearest things are earned and anyone who isn’t prepared to put the effort into VWs is not gonna last 5 minutes, no matter how often you rebrand your arrival point.

So…that is why the bear has annoyed me. In the face of the stupendous incompetence of the Lab, the gift of a badly designed and made bear is fluffy-headed, condescending, meaningless twaddle. Someone should be composted, and as doing that to a Linden Boy is illegal I would think burying the sad thing under a pile of humus in the woods is one option …. or you could leave it out for the fauna to use for personal hygiene…




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3 responses to “What bears do in the woods.

  1. Well, I just went over to SL this morning to get my inventory migrated. The Merchant Outbox shows up just fine in Cool VL Viewer after grabbing the bear. However, Cool won’t let me associate inventory items with the marketplace listings yet.

    So, I logged in with the Second Life’s official viewer… and no Merchant Outbox.

    I relog and clear cache. No outbox.

    I order another copy of that bear. No outbox.

    Lunkhead Lab strikes again :-/

  2. I got the same kind of “out of body experience” in SL the other day when I went to my favourite place The explorers center and it was GONE! (yes caps ;) I had a hard time to believe it. Checked and tried TP again. The Explorers info Center was a place packed with SL maps over mainlands and such. Its a loss! And I couldnt find any other location for this in search either..

    VR is like this, places come and go all the time. That makes the place so dynamic. And not in a bad way entirely :)

  3. Maeve

    Mera, you are so right :) There are many more places in SL where I found myself wondering, “Wow, this is still here?” Poof-the-Magic-Linden is not always a bad thing.

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