Art as work.

This last few weeks I have been doing some corrections or repairs on my sculpture, dependent on how you look at it. There are a number of things that are not just up to standard and I’ve been busy, well, a little busy, on remedial works. It’s an interesting job, not really very imaginative, more like technical employment attacking bad technique.

This is more like work than art but, of course, technique is part of any art.

The interesting thing about this is that the ‘piece’ is basically there,  the whole thing is an object, so no creative work is really necessary. However, as I’ve been remaking a few moulds and remaking a few parts I have come across some strange new effects which I am tempted to incorporate in the new parts. I’ll be posting some new photos when I’ve finished.

There is a limit to this pursuit of perfection, one has to accept that perfection is not really of this world and temper this pursuit with a bit of common sense.

Wizzy’s comment on a previous post ” “….a painting is never finished, only abandoned.” Leonardo da Vinci said that and for me it is so true. i have no way of deciding that question. sometimes lesser has proved to be more. other times i have to keep pushing on. this issue is part of the mystery” … so true. I have set myself an aim and will work towards that and review it when I get there.

My mind is occupied now with a new project…”what shall I do next?” and I’m using this time to speculate and fantasize about my next step. The primary question is “smaller or larger?”. I have to take a view on whether a smaller object would sell better or whether a tree nearer full size is my next step.

This is where Virtual Worlds are so terrific. I can build any number of alternative possibilities and live with them for a while until a decision sort of ‘gels’ (which is what decisions tend to do). I find it much easier to envisage what sort of techniques will be needed too when I can see the finished model…. trying different colour combinations is child’s play.

Aliz had her drawings framed Inworldz in a variety of frames so she could evaluate the effect of using different sized and priced RL frames in a show she has planned. Absolutely invaluable.

I believe recently that Hockney used a RL model of the Royal Academy to plan his current show there. Now, in my opinion, he should have used a virtual world to plan this. The size of some of his paintings are a bit over the top, not something he could have seen from a RL model, but, in walking though his show in VWs he may have come to the same opinion as me… .. maybe not, maybe he just wants them big to fill the walls. …. but, the idea of planning an RL show in VWs is a excellent.

This is surely something which most artists are unaware of … namely the uses of VWs in a planned production….

…and something to promote. Much more could be done to tell artists of this and other benefits, I’m sure.






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2 responses to “Art as work.

  1. I use SL for stage designs, works marvelous!

  2. alizarin goldflake

    omg – i was just using IWz-again- for prototyping this very morning!

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