Yep, I have been rejected by the Royal Academy. This does put me in illustrious company, I know and it isn’t that surprising, so I wasn’t that effected.

“Thank you for submitting photographs of your sculpture.

The Sculptor Members of the Selection Committee have given careful consideration to you images and regret that they will not be able to include your work on this occasion. They therefore request that you do not deliver it to the Academy.

Your photographs will be returned to you in due course and I very much hope that you will submit work in future years.”

Well, there were around 10,000 people chasing something like 250 places (Academy members and invited artists make up the bulk of the 1300 pieces shown) so the odds were slim…. and the tendency to prefer edgy Art with Social Commentary pretensions is common now in most galleries, I believe. Pretty isn’t really so fashionable.

Anyway, I am well accustomed to a bit of rejection and it won’t put me off submitting it to another show before too long. The advantage with my next submission will be that the piece will be finished and I’ll have plenty of time to get some good photos taken….

It might not be any more fashionable, but it’ll look better..






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7 responses to “Rejection.

  1. Ouch! I know just how that feels. 250 out of 10,000 is HORRIBLE odds, and no reflection on your work. I am glad you have another show to apply to, and I am rooting for you! XOXOX

  2. Cecil

    Even I, the Great Cecil Hirvi, have had work rejected by the mostly worthless, larger art community living in their chimp-dreamworld.

    Great innovative art often takes YEARS to be recognized since the institutions, in charge with presenting art to the world, are run by nabobs, yes-men and talentless losers who couldn’t make art themselves.

    I think your stuff is intriguing and deserves to be seen if only to inspire others to do better.

    Next time I’m in England, I’ll be sure to urinate on the walls for you (and me).

  3. Big hugs… thanks guys, with you lot rooting for me who needs the art establishment…..

  4. Maeve

    and so it goes, sis.
    I recommend thinking of your creation as decorative arts and running it up the flagpoles of companies that deal in lamps/lighting as art (or vice versa :-)… Ingo Mauer comes to mind, as does the Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts, enlighter… etc. Holler if you want help with that kind of search.
    You done good. Real good. Welcome to the “R for Rejections.” One writer I know wallpapered his bathroom in ‘thanks but no thanks’ letters. Same guy who used his cat’s show trophies for toilet paper holders, too. Hugggzzz

  5. Nur Ophuls

    Awwww – Hugz and smooches.

    You don’t sound all that put out but you get them anyway.

  6. Juanita Deharo

    You couldput some edgy words around your pretty….

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