…about Mitt’s underpants…

Not a subject I thought I would have to mention  but as it’s been in the news…well, not his underpants, exactly, but the whole Mormon-elephant-in-the-room is apparently not being discussed in the US media even though it is over here. I guess a church/cult with 14 million members and $40 billion has too much clout for a mainstream media to annoy.

Now, I really don’t mind what religion the President of the US belongs too, up to a point. The credentials of the guy with his finger on the button does interest me, after all Dr. Strangelove was a great movie… (OK geeks, I know that’s not the real title….) and the nearer it comes to being a documentary the more interested I get in Mitt’s underpants.

Ok….this is the scenario … Mitt gets up to find his temple garments have gone off to the cleaners, no longer protected against evil and temptation Mitt gets angry and bombs everyone who isn’t a Mormon. Now, you might think that’s at bit far fetched but really for a nation that has had Ronald and George, two total spamheads for president, anything is possible.

Mostly I would like the president to be an atheist but we know that isn’t going to happen. I personally believe that anyone who believes in a force outside themselves that is driving their moral code to be borderline schizo in that a grown-up takes responsibility for himself rather than doing the bidding of an invisible being. I don’t mind real christians, but then there aren’t many around .. real christians would welcome a system where poor people didn’t die on the street because they couldn’t afford healthcare and would be please if two people wanted to marry, whatever their gender.

I would actually really like a buddhist as president, that would suit me fine, but then I don’t get to vote. I just have to accept that the silent majority (half of whom believe they have been abducted by aliens, the other half who believe that Obama and Osama are related because they have similar names) gets to decide whose butt the British Prime Minister is going to kiss.

I know somewhere I am gonna typo Moron president instead of Mormon and someone is gonna get annoyed at me, but it might be appropriate after George and Ronald…

….and maybe Bill should have had some of those magic pants…

I do know a little about cults. I was once a member of a slightly weird group of religious people who certainly didn’t see themselves as a cult even though everyone else did. The main cohesive force is the principle of Us and Them. We are the chosen and They are not. The peer pressure is magnified and if this brain-washing has been going on from an early age, well, it is a considerable problem.

I think I would prefer George with the oil companies sitting on his shoulder, whispering into his ear, than someone with a direct line to God. Greed I can understand, the Almighty is just a bit scarey…

Still it will be interesting to see if the man who can string a sentence together, a welcome relief after George, gets replaced by a cult member.

It’s like a psycho-soap….




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5 responses to “…about Mitt’s underpants…

  1. robert anton wilson thought it wasn’t a coincidence that the angel that came down and talked to brigham young was named Moroni.

  2. Maeve

    Well, i can tell you this– the Obama campaigners are all down in the White House basement lighting candles, praying to any god they can bribe that Santorum is the Republican nominee. Can the Republicans beat Obama this round? Yep. I do believe. Will they pony up and run Jeb Bush / Condalisa Rice against him? Snore.

    I’m goin’ back down to the basement to light a few more–in case they wake up.

  3. i’m holding out for Newt Gingrich – i wanna live in the lunar colony!

    lunacy rocks! =D

  4. Funny how politics attracts all the loonies. Could it be that those that seek power should be automatically disqualified … but then we’d have to rely on ‘experts’ and they are a weird bunch too.

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