Aliz at Split Screen

For those of you who know the work of Alizarin Goldflake, and for those that don’t, I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Dividni Shostakovich’s brilliant sim called Split Screen…. SLurl

Davidni has shown some very impressive artists there over the past while and has Blue Tsuki showing next door to Aliz this month.

Some snaps… just to wet your appetite…

Aliz is a texture queen who makes the most amazing digital drawings. More details of her piece on her site… here…. and details of her RL work on her RL site….here.

The opening party is on Sunday…check her blog for details.



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  1. I have viewed her work in Inworld’z – amazing textures. i was really impressed. I tried to take pictures to blog it but the Inworld’z viewer doesn’t agree with my aging MacBook. Can’t wait to see this build in SL

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