Always look on the bright side of life….

I’ve had one of those weeks. Not really anything mega, nothing like a Whiskey week, but a load of minor annoyances and irritations. A touch of flu, bruised coccyx, burnt my tongue…just a series of crap. I have suddenly become very busy with the gardening and this is the major reason why my virtual absence has been noted and remarked on…. but this is very welcome as the 1st of April is a day when quarterly, six month and annual bills for house and car cascade though my letter box and drag $1500 out of my account before I blink. So, it’s all good.

I have been working towards a new canopy for my sculpture too as I was not very happy with the original. The beeswax former I used with the current offering seems to have tinted the clear resin, much to my surprise, and it has a sort of Old Nicotine hue which is not ideal. So I have finally finished rebuilding the mould after a few mistakes, oversights and general cock-ups …. and I’m now ready to pour a new experimental colour mix. ooooooo…slight trepidation. I actually think that if my heart is in my mouth as I do something then it must be good. If I have no idea how/if something is going to work then it must be ‘stretching’ the limits a bit.

Unsatisfied with the base of the sculpture, I have been redoing that too…so…anyway that’s probably why I’m a bit absent. My new deadline is May the 31st… plenty of time to get a good photo done.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that a bit of heated debate has been going on around Maria’s suggestions for improvements to InWorldz although there is no way I am going to read through the 100+ comments that ensued. Maria has a perfect right to her opinions even though apparently her facts were somewhat wrong (I don’t pride myself on my research, which is normally nearing zero, either) and there will always be advocates of different forms of grids and interaction.

[I don’t actually want to get into the whole debate here as it’s been more than thoroughly discussed. Personally I favour a slow, methodical, secure approach to new whistles and bells having experienced for years (in SL) the total chaos that comes from not building on solid foundations and just slapping a new feature on top of rotting code i.e. I like Iwz]

Apart from the obvious relevance of the blog title to the date, it has crossed my mind how much over the last X years I have developed a sort of Emotional Waterproofing. Crap hits the fans [ha!] and life is full of people and events that seem to be Out To Get You even when you know that compared to some people’s lives you are actually in clover. More and more, though, I seem to be able to shrug it all off and think… OK, people don’t like me/what I do/what I say …. so what? I know, when I look in the mirror how well or poorly I’ve done.

Opinions are opinions … and basically worth little. I once witnessed a person coming into the house saying “it’s raining outside” to which a person sitting by the fire said”I don’t agree”. That sort of sums up my feelings about other people’s opinions.

The death of the Old King is an ancient Alchemical archetype not unrelated to the Ego stepping aside so the self can take it’s place and the hero hanging from the tree is a very old myth [Sir James Frazer and The Golden Bough] but only Monty Python has managed to change Hero Myth to Life Style Advice…

Have a great week end.



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2 responses to “Always look on the bright side of life….

  1. lately i’ve noticed if i feel like i want to procrastinate on doing some artistic thing or another, then i should definitely do it. these things are hard and sometimes make my head hurt with the effort afterwards, but it’s definitely worth it to do it. i kept putting off this fix to my hair. it went on and on forever and finally i just said damn might as well just do it so i did and it’s all good now. i almost jumped into the InWorldz fray at the beginning but something told me not to and i’m glad of that. i think maria has something to say. i say this despite the fact that i love InWorldz to death. the founders are all my friends. but you know what? if you haven’t made it public that there are certain new developments you’ve made, then you can’t accuse someone of “lying” about it when they didn’t know. if it now becomes a matter of public discourse, then it’s all good. right? i for one am not so worried about anyone stealing my content. i think it would be a great compliment to me if they did. i’m not going to be happy if in our zeal to protect our content we lock down access only with an “official” viewer. if the Lindens did that we would all be screaming bloody murder. try not to take things so personal. what would be the harm if hypergrid teleporting were possible while also protecting the content? after all, that’s what they’re working on.

  2. Yes, I’m coming to realise as well how much courage you need to try something new, especially when it come to making an art piece. There are times when you risk the whole thing going totally wrong in order to try a new effect or technique. All those hours of work are gambled on your own belief in yourself. It’s quite amazing. Not surprising either that some don’t pay off.

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