Deep Thought

Those in power in the US are more than slightly annoyed. Their super computer is currently only the third largest in the world after Japan and China, and this is not a situation that they are pleased about. After all, the world’s greatest super power should have power-coordinated hardware to match their egos.

So, in order to rectify this poor situation the NSA has got a nice building plot in Utah to erect a huge monument to national stupidity, called the Utah Data Centre…. full details thanks to Wired … here.

Every boring conversation about everything will be recorded and stored, probably forever, in this shrine to paranoia at a substantial cost to the tax payer. The electricity bill alone will be in the order of $40 million which is even more than my utility bills.

This is of topical interest to me as a UK tax payer as our Deputy Prime Minister has recently come under fire for suggesting that we do the same here….i.e. record everything. Our government has done a U-turn, currently, and promised all sorts of safe-guards that anyone with more than 5 brain cells knows is all lies. The truth is that in this the US is more honest than UK’s power crazy fools. Probably Mr FaceBook was correct when he said that privacy is a thing of the past… he knew more than we did when he said it.

Interestingly enough though there have been a few comments in the media pointing to the fact that George Bush’s statement after Twin Towers than “If you aren’t with us you are against us” (i.e. if you don’t agree with me then you are terrorists) is starting to wear a bit thin. It seems like the days when anything was accepted if it was labelled “anti-terrorist” maybe be fading. Certainly the anti-paedophile card isn’t used so often as it was to justify the erosion of our rights.

Anyway.. yottabytes and petaflop sound suspiciously like Douglas Adams was involved in the whole project …. and maybe white mice are running the show… who knows…

They say that there are tiny amounts of gold suspended in sea water….. and similarly there may be tiny amounts of National Security Gold suspended in The Great Email/Mobile Sea amongst cat talk, new shoes and everything else  [… doubtful though as, really speaking, though, only the stupidest of terrorists would email stuff to each other]  The difference is, however, that the The Email Sea is growing exponentially and I. for one, think this is an Information Escalation that, although seemingly logically, approaches, and surpasses the absurd.

I like to think that, after years of building, recording and sifting, they too will wait with hushed breath as the new Deep Thought spouts out the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything Terrorist…

“Hello Mr. President…. Yes,… it is 42..”



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5 responses to “Deep Thought

  1. this doesn’t help them if the data itself is encrypted.

  2. It is (mostly) about the money, the growth industry; since the 8 or so undeclared wars don’t seem to be catching on well, there has to be some economic engine to generate profit and Security is IT; the dark side of “the computer revolution” dream.

    The cyber/cypherpunks were right, but everyone was too enthralled with the tech/toys to pay much attention to what was being said/extropolated/warned about.

    @Wizzy: Cryptography has been classified as munitions before; when cryptography is outlawed, only outlaws will use cryptography… which is what all the deep-packet inspection stuff & “net neutrality” is about.

  3. encrypted email has been around for a long time but no one seems to want to use it. this fact amazes and confuses me at the same time.

  4. it’s not the power of the computer, it’s the passion of the pixel! =)

  5. @Ener … you mean size isn’t everything….

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