Not waving…

…but drowning. Drowning under the weight of Titanic overkill.

The media has gone into a wordy equivalent of a feeding frenzy and every possible boat story (even Time Bandits) and dubious television programme imaginable has plagued me for the last two weeks and shows no sign of abating. “Why Do Ships Sink?” was one which I made sure to miss as it was far too long to simply name the answer to the rhetorical as ”Gravity. Period.”

Every conceivable over-romanticised scenario has been woven into the various versions of life aboard ship ensuring Class, Love, Human Error, Fate, The New Life in the New World and other well worn cliques are all present and accounted for. Dodgy rivets, lack of binoculars, the history of the iceberg, you name it and it’s been on TV … ad nauseam.

Now there is an interesting side to this preoccupation with drowning, it’s a Jungian archetype connected to the Unconscious overwealming Consciousness, and in itself a psychological phenomenon … not discussed, of course. The Hubris connected to an unsinkable ship, or any manmade object (earthquake-proof building) which is claimed to ‘beat’ Nature is bound to fail at some point to some peoples surprise [not mine]. The Greek myths are full of sea gods wreaking havoc, it was a sort of hobby with them … but that’s too classical to be on TV (which execs think is watched only by amoeba-like intelligences).

Those who read my musings on a regular basis may have noted before my distaste for themed art gallery shows but these pale into insignificance when compared to mass media events, like the Titanic and, even more terrifying, the prospect of the Jubalympics [the sitcom “2012” is a Must See in my book] which will outstrip the cooking programmes and the This-Idiot-Has-No-Talent type of shows on TV for all of the summer.

I do have to admit though that the All Time Low has been reached in a programme called Man vs. Food, a situation where what is on the plate has a higher IQ than the humans involved…. hmmm .. there are quiz programmes which come close “How many heads do you have?” [multiple choice] “Is it One, Two or…Three?”

My other pet hate, while I’m ranting, is the fascination with seeing people cut up in hospital while I’m trying to eat my supper… what is this obsession that a percentage of the population has with operations? Are we a nation of Wannabe Doctors?

I have to agree with Lady Bracknell “ Well, I must say, Algy, that I think it is high time that Mr. Bunbury made up his mind whether he was going to live or die. This shilly-shallying with the question is absurd! “

I guess I have to stop watching TV while I eat …. could give me high blood pressure and end with me starring in my own melodrama … yikes!



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3 responses to “Not waving…

  1. Maeve

    … one of my favorite theatrical characters (Lady Bracknell, that is) and not the first time you have put me in mind of her. Sigh. You see, it’s all the same quandary; it’s all about dishing what sells. That semi-colon, btw, is my wee rant against the very same numb-nuts who critique our art with the purchasing power to reject it. Take that, you fools. Not that they’d notice “-)

  2. @Maeve, yes, it is all about not taxing the brain cells of a potential audience. Unfortunately no-one seems to have the courage of their convictions anymore… more likely no-one in power has any convictions beyond the bean counting that share-holders demand.
    The myth that capitalism makes you free is just that, a myth. We are simple chained like slaves to the dollar.
    Well, not entirely, we can always say ‘stuff you’, luckily..:))

  3. I love the concept of the eatee being smarter than the eater. I think someone has developed an intelligence test for Food items, with a matching scale. I bet it has an interesting name.

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