Inworldz stuff

There are plans afoot to start shortly issuing ‘Scenic Regions‘ on the Inworldz grid.

The basic idea is very similar to the old ‘homestead sims’ of Second Life, with the exception that Tranq and co. want to get all the rules and limitations clear and fully understood before they become available.

As far as I have understood an owner of at least one region currently will be able to buy a (up to 8) 5000 prim region for $20 per month to use for non-commercial use, i.e. scenery [as it says on the box]. So, for sailing across water sims, gunfights in forests etc… it will be a great addition to some peoples land holdings.

Fuller details are available on the forum …here (courtesy Jim).

There is a small problem with crazy people in Iwz ….

…some of whom lurk in bushes disguised (badly) as fauna..

Luckily this isn’t a wide-spread problem.

The new rollout of R1733 is now complete and gridwide… discussion of bugs and fixes, again, on the forum … here. The thing is, that even though I don’t understand a lot of this stuff, it is very heartening to know that, slowly but surely, bugs are being identified, hunted down and killed where possible. [“Exterminator!!” was the first thing I heard on awaking on my first day in New York. A strange experience for a Brit]. It is an almost perfect communication line between bug hunters and Us, so simple and yet so far beyond LL’s capabilities. Go figure.

Lots of chat on other blogs about LL and their SLB9, none as good as Botgirl’s, I think. Maybe my SNB5 (5th rezzday) should be a random event … organise-it-and-I-won’t-come, sort of affair.

Oh…as a public service announcement… If there are any creative people looking for a free home with prims in Iwz, get in touch with me as I know of someone who has land and would enjoy a little company … light social interaction for the right candidate.

Time for me to get a creative head on for this last of Jeri’s art fests before the summer …

hmm … if only I had an idea what I was doing, I’d be dangerous.



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