oh god…. not more social media…

This is a bit of an oxymoron… sharing a post about how many posts get shared. It’s a bit like complaining about people complaining, but, here’s the thing… I promise, with you as my witness, that I will not retweet, post or share any more  Social Media crap.

I can’t imagine how many posts there are out there in the blogospere telling you/me how to write a blog post that draws hundreds of hits etc etc yawn yawn.. Everything has already been discussed in minute detail. It’s a bit like someone inventing a fridge and then 100,000 people blogging their opinions about how it works and 500,000 people ‘sharing’ those posts. All I want is cold milk… period.

Unlike a fridge, though, Social Media can and is ‘gamed’. Empire Avenue is a game that uses social media as its playground which simply means that you and I, using Twitter, for example, are bombarded by loose footballs while trying to go about our business.

My score on Empire Avenue would be enhanced if I were to set up a FB page and a blog on “The History of the Slipper’ and another on “Fun Games to Have With Your Hamster” …mind you, they might already exist. The hamster one would be a lot more fun the “How To Use Social Media for ….. [insert any word like Marketing, Sales, Organisation, traffic, money …. not one post on how to get social media to wash the floor].

Anyway, I am partly guilty; today I uploaded a couple of my vids to Google+ (never visit me there as I use it as a dumping ground for media trash … sort of like a virtual landfill site for poor-taste media terrorism)…. and then… don’t you hate it when your normal software gets an upgrade… In this instance it was ScreenFlow who wanted another $30 off me and tried to lock all my old vids until I paid up…. a sort of upgrade hostage situation. I worked my way round it eventually.

As I may have tweeted already this week I am growing webbed feet after all this drought-inspired rain, but I haven’t had as bad a week as others.

Home Secretary  Teresa May comes to mind…  a woman who, like me, doesn’t know what day of the week it is … she just gets paid more than me… and she’s a git.

The King of Spain didn’t do much better this week . He thought posing with a rifle beside the corpse of an elephant would be fine for an upstanding head of the WWF (that’s the World Wildlife Fund rather than the Windows Workflow Foundation) and got his photo taken … nice one. Nearly as stupid as the Taliban fighter,  Mohammad Ashan, who turned up at an army check-point in Afghanistan with a wanted poster with his face on it. He wanted the $100 reward.  In his defense he obviously didn’t read, so…anyone could have made that mistake, anyone with an IQ lower than the poster, that is.

Here’s hoping for better weather next week, though…I’m not holding my breath. In this part of the world it used to be called Blackthorn Weather as it often happens when the blackthorn is in flower (very pretty it is too)…

so…slosh, slosh… have a great weekend…






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7 responses to “oh god…. not more social media…

  1. After a year-long immersion in “social media” I have cut back severely. Why? Because most of it is fishbowl talk – people commenting about people commenting about comments on blog posts which are themselves commentary on other blog posts and comments on same. Same problem with a lot of tweets – they don’t post links to information; they post links to their own “blog” or G+ pages (for hits) that have only a link to the actual news/information item they have tweeted about.

    This isn’t information sharing/pointing; this is self-promotion. When someone posts a link they think is informative/interesting, I don’t expect to be taken to their G+ page or FB or Plurk, which doesn’t have information; it has another link to, perhaps, someone ELSE’S G+ or Plurk or FB page, which is another bare link to PERHAPS the actual news/information item.

    It’s pollution. It’s endless shrink-wrap packaging, like those little Russian nesting doll sets. It’s a waste of both time & bandwidth. I’ve quit following links from people’s tweets who do this round-robin click-farming. Sure, I might miss an actual straight link to an article, but experience tells me their “informative” tweets are nothing but bait for their own farming; they might as well be ad spammers.

    Same think with those “blog posts” you mention, which mostly turn out to be SEO word-gabble designed to game search engines/Klout/Plurk/EA/FB/all the rest. If people want to monetize my attention (the real currency in an information environment) they’ll have to provide real information or pointers to it, not a chase-the-links-through-endless-monetized-pages.

  2. By chance I found this post, although it was written three weeks ago, and the comment about King Juan Carlos got my atenttion (I’m Spanish). There are a lot of affairs about this King, and I guess he is not well known out of Spain. Even he isn’t well known in Spain, because media always have protected him. For example, I guess you don’t know Mitrofan.
    Well, your post have encouraged me to write some post about my King.:-)

  3. In 2006, Juan Carlos traveled to Russia, and of course went there to hunt as well. Mitrofan was a 4 years old bear, living in captivity since it was a bear cub, and described as calm and cheerful. A forest ranger declared that Mitrofan was drunk with vodka mixed with honey and transfered to a forest nearby Juan Carlos to let him to kill it. It was said the vodka could be to put bear and King in equal terms, although this couldn’t be confirmed.

  4. @ Samuel, yes, you could easily do a whole post on him, it’s always good to hold those in power to account when their actions do not present a goodd example to everyone.

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