My next project..

…is probably to build an ark as it looks like the 40 days rain is underway. If the rivers hadn’t been so low to start with I’m sure we’d all be huddled on the roof by’s been horrible (for someone who works outside) though not for all the plants and hedging I planted over the last few months. Best to sell any shares you have in hosepipe companies.

But seriously folks, as I’ve been watching paint dry this last few weeks as my remedial works on the sculpture slowly grind to some sort of conclusion I have, of course, been wondering what I should tackle next.

This project has taught me, amongst other things that a larger sculpture is going to take forever so I better be clear about what I would really like to see in the Real world next.

Currently there are two contestants …

This one is the Foxglove Orchid and I could build it about 4 or 5 foot high..

and this one is the 68th Ancient One

Now, the tree would have to be at least 6 foot if not 7 for it to work. Whether or not I get a workshop space to make this in is really dependent on me selling the current sculpture in London, so the decision may be a logistic/financial one.

Still…I’d be interested in hearing what some of you think … or any other suggestions of course.

It may still be that I do not use a virtual tree as my model but make a Real Life tree based on RL prims rather than trying to imitate my Virtual work… thoughts to keep me interested while the country drowns

Have a good week




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9 responses to “My next project..

  1. When The Levee Breaks – Led Zepplin

    Well, the Orchid can be made in a space slightly smaller than a tree and would look lovely. Then again, you’re asking someone who is eyeing a downed tree closeby and wondering if a totem pole will fit in my apartment…

  2. Yep…I thought about that when you mentioned the totem pole. That’s why VWs are so good, obviously, for doing huge stuff….. and once it is finished…where do you store it if it doesn’t sell.
    A totem pole could be recycled but 100 lbs of resin..?? eek

  3. “This project has taught me, amongst other things that a larger sculpture is going to take forever so I better be clear about what I would really like to see in the Real world next.”

    Thanks for sharing your journey. I’ve been working on the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s interesting to think about the differences in the experience of cranking out numerous one day sketch-level works vs. committing to and following through on a long-term project that transforms the idea into more fully realized expression. Like writing 300 Hundred Word Stories over the course of a year vs a novella.

  4. Yes, and SL has been my equivalent of 1 Day Trees…. vs..a Real Sculpture. Both have their attractions and irritations.
    Setting out on a 6 month piece though needs a different mindset. If I can make ‘anything’ … what do I make… no changing horses half way.

  5. It’s funny. I’m committed to long-term creativity, but I’m definitely a one night stand kind of person when it comes to individual projects.

  6. Maeve

    Here’s a thought… hoof it around to the larger (more affluent) gardens… see if they’d be willing to house and/or subsidize a newfangled garden of your ‘plantings.’ Know what i mean? You need sponsor and space; they need something to draw people in and differentiate themselves (well, some of them do). Failing that, I say we head to Disneyworld/land and see if they bite “-) XOXO, as always.

  7. Maeve

    Botgirl — what comes to mind in my part of the artiverse is Susan-Lori Parks’ insanely brilliant “365 Plays/365 Days.” The thing is, some of them are horrid, and that made me think “OMG, what guts!” But some of them are jewels that probably never would have formed without the intensity, the heat of work/crush of time. So yes and YES to one-night stands “-)!

  8. alizarin goldflake

    maeve …

  9. alizarin goldflake

    the stamens and anthers will be impossibly hard in RL

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