Qatar, Culture and Democracy

I’m hopping up and down with annoyance having just listened to a report from the BBC about Qatar and their new philharmonic orchestra. So, before I get down to varnishing my sculpture I will have to voice my concerns … no time like the present.

The underlying basis of a good deal of the report was the idea that by ‘importing’ ‘culture’ from the west Qatar would lose it’s own identity and therefore it’s own culture.

What a lot of arrogant rubbish. Rich nations, kings and queens have, for hundreds and thousands of years, imported artists of all media to visit and play at their courts, to improve and add to the native cultures of the regions. This is a long tradition.

We were pig farmers (UK) for hundreds of years wandering around in the forests and the Americans were a bunch of religious fanatics who left so that they could persecute non-believers in a New World. Luckily we both ‘imported’ culture.

The idea that adding another influence would eliminate the existing culture is such rubbish.   The unspoken cultural arrogance underlying the report was matched only by the totally false and very common idea that the USA and Europe have the best democratic system in the world and that all versions of democracy, whether they be Chinese or Arabic, are pale, inferior systems which are open to criticism etc.

Now, it is normal for small minded people to have a firm belief that their country is ‘God’s Own Country’ but that is like a know-it-all who never learns anything… because, by definition, he doesn’t need to. The West is, more and more, that know-it-all.

To question the human rights beliefs of another country when we use drones to execute “suspected terrorists” without any trial or defense is just outrageous. We stink … well, our governments do, at least, and we have no right whatsoever to point the finger at anyone.

You wouldn’t have to be a genius to improve on what we get delivered as ‘democracy’ … it’s about time we started listening instead of swallowing the lies we get fed daily by our manipulated media.

[end of rant]

Have a great weekend



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3 responses to “Qatar, Culture and Democracy

  1. Americans are still a bunch of religious fanatics.

  2. Juanita Deharo

    I agree with Apmel (for once).

  3. I guess the US & Britain are now going to lose their cultural identity, what with displaying & admiring French painters, Indian raga players, soccer players [US] and Italian sculptors. Alas.

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