Five Years in The Virtual Realm

I have been roaming around Virtual Worlds for five years now, and while there might be some interest in an extended autobiography divided into a number of posts, it’s not gonna happen.
I would get too bored reliving the past and I’m sure someone else has written something better than I would, or at least with more enthusiasm.

So, although it may seem a little trite to sum up my experiences in a short blog post … there is no point posting this if I don’t at least try…

Obviously there is the (maybe over-romanticised) issue of friends. I have met some great people and some complete nutters … but this is not confined to the grids which I call Virtual Worlds as people have met and grown fond of each other in chat rooms, and before that as pen pals [for those who remember the pen]. So, making friends is maybe not the unique thing with VWs even if the  intensity of ‘face to face’ real time contact is of a different order to that of chat rooms or via an exchange of letters.

Friends are one of the main reasons for me continuing to log on, that is certain, along with the other amazingly useful feature. Only in VWs can I afford to have a studio large enough to accommodate my imagination.

The studio (region) I have in InWorldz allows me to create environments people can move around in. I do not imagine I will ever be able to afford even a pale imitation of that in ‘real life’.

This last attribute brings me to the essence of what VWs have done for me and how I have benefited from these over the last five years.

It is easy to limit one’s vision to the achievable. A form of self censorship grows in us as we mature into adults and our vision gets limited to avoid disappointment and to fit in with The Possible…. thus we become more social and less crazy. It is a shame but it is a natural part of the Individual vs Society compromise that makes our lives livable. We lose a child-like madness and become more sensible.

There are, however, far fewer restrictions in the virtual realm and thus the need to self censor weakens.

I have, thanks to VWs, become a little crazier over the last few years and hope to continue down this path.

This is the gold of VWs.




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9 responses to “Five Years in The Virtual Realm

  1. 24-carat :)

    Happy 5th, soror, and thanks for all you bring to virtuality.

  2. Cheesus will guide you through the next passage.

  3. I thought you always had been a nut head.. but no, that is SaveMe bag of course :))

  4. Happy 5th rez day, soror! Loved what you shared here. Here’s to the return of child-like madness :)). Such a great way to put it and very true.

  5. Thank you all and praises be to Cheesus. Here’s to the next 5.

  6. Soror,

    I enjoyed this post and like your “writers’ voice.”

    Five years in VW seems like a long time. Would that be like 35 dog years?

    I joined Second Life what seems like many years ago. I always felt out of place, probably because I could never figure out what I was doing. My son showed me how to fly from area to area, but usually when I was on (in the wee hours of the morning) I found few people there. Perhaps I was hanging out in the wrong places?

    This is all to say, had I been able to really participate in the Second Life environment, my appreciation of non-reality identities would likely be greater.


    PS. I wonder if my SL account is still alive?

    PPS. Thanks for the information on nyms.

  7. @ Terri … seems like 350 dog years some days..:))

    Not sure how long they keep SL accounts open … tho probably one of my readers does.

  8. 5 years! i think that’s the Cheetoh’s anniversary or is it the Red Bull one?

    either way – congrats and the virtual world is far richer with you as a very real part of it! =)

  9. Nur Ophuls

    Hey Darling, Happy Fifth – I might have been one of those “nutters”. /smiles

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