New Facebook page … and other bloggery

Yep, I have put together some posts for my Facebook ‘fan’ page … here.

My idea is to have it as a collection of my better stuff, eventually … though it all takes time. If you want to pop over and give me a ‘like’ that would be much appreciated, as would any comments on the layout/idea. Maybe it’s a bit of a waste of time, the jury is still out. is a page which lists all your links to all the stuff you do on the net and I am trying that out too. It just means I can have a single address listing all the stuff I post/share/spam. My page is .. here.

I have also started to put together a Pin page but there’s no point visiting yet as it’s crap still … just not enough hours in the day now that the gardens are all filling with weeds and the grass is growing madly…. oh and the rabbits are breeding like .. they do.

As I have mentioned on FB and Twitter there seems to be something wrong with the little bots that visit my blog, (they all get recorded by my stats) they seem to be a little confused as they have reported back to Klout that I am influencial in Cattle and Piracy … ?? don’t ask, I have no idea. Malaya (where I have never been) and iPad (which I don’t own ) are also amongst my spheres of influence… (around 250,000 page turns and nearly 100k visitors [excluding spyders]).

Meanwhile… back in the ‘real’ world I will be entering Jeri’s art fest shortly now that I have an idea, and I should be putting something up for the UWA prizedetails here. I will be turning my attention to that after I submit my sculpture to the Mall Galleries for consideration… photos next week.

Tweenk has been amusing a few of us this last week. It is a twitter linked game that uses your tweets to conquer monsters… almost no sweat is involved. Miso is the boss of the guild. If you wanna join look for the Nyms Guild … it’s full of SLers you probably know.

Join up with your twitter account … here.

In other news Wizard Gynoid has rezzed her E8 as a revolving thingy on InWorldz with a blogpost by Miso Susanowa … here. Sponsored by Jeri Rahja.  17,000 prims rotating and no sign of any lag … another reason we love Iwz.

Botgirl‘s post has a partial answer to my irritation about software updates which I mentioned in my previous post  ‘updates are a conspiracy against the people’ sort of idea. Lack of communication. I never thought I was resistant to change, but ..I am. One time I will do a list of stuff that will never need updating…tho it’s probably been listed already…like scissors, pencil, paper, wheel, spoon ..etc etc. [actually I never will, I’m not a listing sort of person]

…and I did manage to upload some photos which were on my hard drive but not in Flickr, today. I am amazed at how many photos I have of VWs really … all here.

I was recently given this great hat by Tadhq Muirin in InWorldz … not that I usually wear one…

OK… so I’m heading back to Empire Avenue for a while…. I’m still enjoying it though, as Rod Stewart said, “on the stock exchange I’m no threat”..

Have a good weekend.


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  1. heheh. 7,153 prims – one object all rotating as one. and yes indeedy, i am sponsored by Jeri Rahja, for whose generosity I am very grateful.

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