I Finished my Sculpture

… but not the photographing.

I need to wait for a dry day, I think, to try photographing it outside. It’s a grey old day and there’s not enough lux to show the colours very well. So I’ll try again later.

Night time photos…obviously I’ll have to wait for this evening…and then I’ll post again.

Anyway…. 7 months after I started I have only to glue some new black felt to the underside and, short-comings and all, submit it to the second Open Show (deadline May the 23rd) for consideration.

So…more proper photos to follow.




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5 responses to “I Finished my Sculpture

  1. IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh gosh O golly O’Grady!
    I love the shadows too, how they create a phantom depth of vision. Can’t wait to see the night/lit photos!

    I am having the opposite problem with my Poet’s Staff – the depth of the varnish coats, which I wanted to disperse the light falling on the Staff, works so well that it is difficult to photograph the markings! I am having to wait for those greyish overcast days to try to get closeups of the detail without shine. In progress…

    Good luck on your entry, and congrats on a long project with spectacular results!

  2. It’s quite a creation and I have no idea how you made it. Parts of it look like blown glass. Very creative.

  3. It’s all made from resin…would love to use glass….maybe someday [needs kiln and workshop]

  4. Kudos Soror! Fantastic. The pain taken to produce such a piece in rl is why we work in virtual worlds. I’d like to see more artists using SL to develop ideas for rl work. Virtual “rapid prototyping” is child’s play compared to getting your hands dirty and producing a piece of substance. I applaud your efforts!

  5. Thanks FreeWee… everything you say is correct, VWs are a great way of prototyping new work.

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