Obama Admits Earth is Round….

In shocking news broadcast on every network today President Obama admitted to the American public that the Earth is not flat as previously thought, but round, like a planet….

He stopped short of admitting that Darwin’s latest work (1888) on Evolution should replace all Creationist teachings in schools, but his realisation that same sex couples can fall in love and marry is maybe the first step towards the United States of America becoming a secular state.

Well, in a week that leaves me struggling to find a new definition of surreal, Obama’s decision to belatedly join the 20th century was the least interesting.

Europe has been groaning under the weight of Election News. The high point for me was Professor Pongoo beating a Lib Dem candidate in Edinburgh council elections. Penguin power prevails… [great avi].

The French election was just boring, no-one here was interested, and the Greek anti-everything movement was trying to find other anti-everything parties to form a coalition with…. kinda oxymoronic really… the bookies are betting 4/6 that they’ll pull out of the Euro. The crap newspapers are talking about cheap holidays in Greece as their take on the story.

But I think this pales a bit in comparison to the Bum Bomb, or Butt Bomb, I guess, if you are in the US.

Exploding underpants stories unconnected to hot Madras curries are few and far between and should be savoured [maybe wrong choice of words there]. Yemen, a place which warns it’s tourists that there is actually no salmon fishing [it’s a desert …duh!] does do a good line in fitted exploding undies.

Just picture the scene… a British double agent walks into a shop and asks for tailor-made exploding panties… Now, does the shop keeper think “Bloody British and their perverted sexual practices” … Are we in Carry On Up the Yemen? It’s a plot that would grace any Peter Sellers inspired spy movie. Wonderful.

So…the definition of what is real and what is surreal becomes a little more misty this week …. not that it was that well defined beforehand.

Have a great weekend…



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6 responses to “Obama Admits Earth is Round….

  1. Thanks Soror, now I don´t have to catch up with last weeks newspapers :))

  2. Really, Apollinaire, Breton & the rest would be stumped these days, as Surrealism seems to be overtaking Realism. Perhaps the most Surrealist gesture these days is wearing clean, untattered underpants of the non-exploding kind, and keeping them modestly covered.

    When Surrealism becomes real, the Surrealists get apple!

  3. @ Apmel…true….you missed nothing now.:))

  4. @ Miso… yep, you got it. Clean underpants are now surreal, with or without apple inside.

  5. okay, prove to me Earth is a sphere (oblate spheroid is fine)

    tell me in as many words as it takes that it is round. did you know it takes about 64 pages to mathematically prove that one plus one equals two? maybe we should have stuck with Roman numerals where there is no concept of zero . . .

    Einstein’s work on space and time tell us that space is heavily warped by huges masses and that the universe itself is like a basketball with everything being on a plane (the material part of the basketball) and that the centre is empty – a void (this is what allows for wormhole theories)

    so the universe itself is a plane that is formed into a hollow sphere by its own mass

    the Earth may look like a sphere from space but is it? Sol (our sun) warps space around it and we “know” that because we can measure how much it bends lights coming from behind it – so if it bends that light and makes things appear curved, maybe the world is flat?

    a good scientist has an open mind to that, they may casually dismiss it, but they never entirely do

    now onto your second paragraph – virtually all quantum physicists, and certainly the Nobel Laureates, are searching for God – it’s that open minded dealio =)

    lol, my two cents =)

  6. Pingback: my coffee must have been good today at i live in science land

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