The Express Yourself Art Fest and other InWorldz news.

Jeri Rahja has sponsored this last art fest of the season which will be opening on Friday I believe…I’ll post the exact details as I get them… The photos are of my contribution…

There will be a little break over the summer from a stream of art fest which have regularly kept InWorldz artists busy for a good while and which have been seen by many of the regular folk here as well as people who have come in from other grids especially.

Wizard Gynoid‘s geomathematical wonders, the E8 in particular, have been posted on Prim Perfecthere. For anyone who hasn’t seen this new incarnation of this staggering [by any and every standard] construction … it is a must see. The scripting machine, commonly known as Phlox, has been able to deal with the rezzing of this huge sculpture and it’s steady rotation with no noticeable lag. This is a measure of Tranq’s great skill and thorough work with the coding. If you haven’t seen Zauber’s test of Phlox, it is worth reading even if some of it goes over your head (it did mine) … it shows this superior code to be factual and not just anecdotal…

Aliz has an update on her blog which I would have mentioned before if I had been more blog-active than I have been of late… here. Her rebuild of Alizarine Lakes promises to be totally amazing and I will keep you all up to speed on that.

For my own news I have submitted my sculpture for consideration or rejection at the Mall Galleries… will hear their final views out in June sometime…

…and, playing Empire Avenue, which I am, if anyone has spare Klout to give, I welcome them gladly..:))

…and a final note… congratulations to InWorldz … when I logged on today the region count was 1002.

Have a good week


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