Facebook #FAIL Jailtime and Empire Avenue.

I’ve just finished my first month playing Empire Avenue on Facebook. The principle is that your social media activity is ‘gamed’ and other people invest with virtual spacebucks in you and, obviously, you do the same with other social-media-active people. It does increase your contacts and you get to meet people that you wouldn’t otherwise. I find it fairly enjoyable and it’s a break from making stuff with plaster and resin, leaving my room free from dust and strange bits of wood and wire.

Facebook has now given me a second jailtime, 14 days, in which I am not allowed to send friendship requests because I have attempted to befriend people who don’t know me. Now, as the person or people unknown who have objected to a request are supposed to be players of Empire Avenue it strikes me as a bit strange. Surely in playing EA you are, by definition, willing or eager to open up your contacts to a wider group.

Google+, although almost no-one uses it, has a far more sensible system in many ways. I can add you to my circles and you can just ignore me if you want to.

It seems to me that if you are only allowed to request friendship with existing friends then the social side of Facebook is missing out a trick. I have, obviously, met new friends on Twitter, Google+ and the virtual worlds I inhabit. Meeting new friends on Facebook is, it seems, a little more tricky. Still… moaning about it here won’t help….

But… that never stopped me before. As Empire Avenue is run on the Facebook platform it would seem to me that it would be fairly easy to ‘see’ that these requests are to people I ‘own’ shares in on EA and thus be treated somewhat differently to a stalker of people who think that there is somehow something private about their Facebook pages…. just sayin’

I guess Facebook peeps are gonna be too busy counting their new found dollars to worry about my little gripes anyway … good luck to them.

They haven’t got any of my cash… [just my life ..well, soror Nishi’s..]



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3 responses to “Facebook #FAIL Jailtime and Empire Avenue.

  1. I agree. Anyway, if someone doesn’t want to be friends, they can just say no. Half the people I am friends with on FB I’ve never met in my life. I don’t exchange talk with everyone. What about people with 1000’s of friends? Do they really know all of them?

  2. Exactly my thoughts too, Paul

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