The United States of Assassins…

…and the UK is not far behind…

The Israelis are working on a drone the size of a large moth and plan to use it for surveillance and will, no doubt, bring that into full scale production as soon as it is out of Beta.

Iran managed to capture a drone, copy it, and send the US a scaled down version of it’s own weapon in the shape of a toy which will, apparently go on sale soon in Iranian toy shops. The software has been cloned and is now ready for production.

Obama has given the CIA the right to bomb whoever they like in Yemen
”The expanded authority will allow the CIA and JSOC to fire on targets based solely on their intelligence “signatures” — patterns of behavior that are detected through signals intercepts, human sources and aerial surveillance, and that indicate the presence of an important operative or a plot against U.S. interests.” [Washington Post]

Now, all these developments are a cause for concern. The US, meanwhile, asserts that it has no possibility of responding in court to Freedom of Information Requests because.. “An official CIA acknowledgment that confirms or denies the existence or nonexistence of records responsive to Plaintiffs’ FOIA request would reveal, among other things, whether or not the CIA is involved in drone strikes or at least has an intelligence interest in drone strikes.” more here .

I have also linked in previous posts to the buggy software that has been found in some drones, that with the possibility of false positives in facial recognition software mean that anyone can get bombed by mistake.

Currently only surveillance drones would ever be used in the US or Europe, but it is not difficult to project forward in time to a day when we have all become so used to the idea of drones observing everything from protests to everyday life that we accept that a strike on US or European soil was ‘necessary’.

The Matrix doesn’t look so absurd….

The President’s belief that he has the right, handed to him by Bush, to assassinate whoever he sees fit will one day be seen as the War Crime it is …  though I don’t expect it to be reported any more than Bush’s guilty verdict in Malaysia. This verdict of the War Crimes Tribunal was reported everywhere except the USA and Europe (and associated allies). List of posts…here.

It is difficult to see any end to this escalation unless it is done through the courts.

In the meantime we should not grow complaisant just because the bombing is not on our soil… one day it could be.

Keep criticising.




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2 responses to “The United States of Assassins…

  1. I’m skeptical about all these alarming sci-fi news by one reason: Western world, mainly European Union, is comitting suicide with their way of managing the banks scam, named crisis as well. Euro will burst and dissapear soon, and European Union too, at least in its actual way. They’ll not have money to spend in all that sophisticated devices, while they try to save banks and contain uprising people.

  2. Well, that is possible, but they could probably get a loan from the US yo buy weapons, like developing nations do…called foreign aid.

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