DIO and Mac, bits and bobs..

March the 4th 2010 I wrote…”It seems that the new Mac Pro, and possibly others, will be announced within a fortnight, from what the Mac watchers (MacRumors and HardMacare) are saying.” That never materialised, and, luckily, within 14 days I had bought myself a new Mac Pro.

Now, two years later, the news is out that Apple is about to offer a new Mac Pro to the market on Wednesday and a few bloggers have been offering their thoughts and speculations about the new machine. It seems that I haven’t missed much in not upgrading my Mac, and using it as I do for SL/Inworldz + Blender + Tweetdeck +Gimp there is little need to do so.

I would save a few seconds every day when I fire it up but that is not worth a $1000 (more or less) for an upgrade. Likewise Second Life is performing so badly now that the money would be wasted, and InWorldz is more or less perfect for my machine.

I don’t own a smart phone, mine is a dumb brick, built like a tank many years ago. It wouldn’t be possible for me to iPhone with my head in a bush or while shovelling s..t  and I have no need to do so, I can wait til I get home. For those that do, however, it seems that Linden Lab is building a new platform called DIO which they are trying to patent….[ great Wayfinder quote…“duck, LL is ‘thinking’ again” ]..

DIO, [Dead, Inevitably Obscure … whoo, that’s a bit harsh] is gonna be a chatroom with furniture, it seems … sounds like a take on IMVU from what I have heard. Full details here. …”sounds like a retarded G+” someone said, but then it is not principally designed for SLers or Ex SLers but meant to capture a new audience, those who need a chatroom … go figure! It may be fantastic…:) … the main problem is Linden Lab..

There are people who use tiny screens for semi-immersive experiences but it won’t be for me, I like stuff I can see.

Squinting ruins my natural beauty.



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  1. I’m thinking that the main competition here is Shaker.
    And LL would have to be pretty pathetic to do worse. So this might be okay if Shaker has any chance of success. ;) Of course LL doesn’t have the FaceBook marketing dept behind them so who knows. But both are obviously a completely different market than SL- and InWorldz-like environments. (At least obvious to anyone in those environments. It seems the reviewers and bloggers don’t seem to get this, except those in SL, IW, etc.)

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