Doing Nothing, Creating.

Well, as you know it’s been ages since I posted anything on this blog. Well, 12 days is ages for me, anyway…. but I don’t need to worry as many new readers have been sifting through old posts and sending my total visit numbers over 100,000 and page turns up around 270,000…. and a couple of donations… [thank you v much]..

I’ve been doing nothing, much, a bit of playing around on EA and unsocial media (which, although I think of it as resembling an obesity crisis, is sort of fascinating in a gruesome way) and just generally hanging out. The only visibly creative thing I’ve been up to is building a Mall on InWorldz to house stuff for sale that is non-landscape, like interior pieces (my goat sofa etc) …

Oh … and this tree which I did post in some remote corner of the social media desert…

…The Goatfruit Tree… my entry for the UWA competition. No wonder Klout thought I was influential in Cattle…

What has been keeping my little brain cells whirring though has been me observing myself as I start to design a new tree (to be rendered in resin and RL prims)…..

My first sketch was posted on my Facebook page … and Flickr…

…but it is simply that…a sketch.

So, it is as far from a piece of art as a grain of wheat is from a sandwich, and I’ve been milling and mulling while staring into space, doing nothing.

It seems to me that my mind is doing something very similar to a Rubik’s Cube. I’m not sure exactly how many faces this ‘cube’ has..

The concept, a tree, is the overall archetype but this offers more or less no ‘constraint’.

The material to be used and the process of manufacturing are the constraining elements which are in a constant feed-back loop with the aesthetic ideals.

The aesthetic ideals are abstract notions of beauty and art which I impose very strictly on the process. These ideals are linked, no doubt, to my culture, my experiences and my aspirations.

So…the Rubik’s Cube has been whirring in my head. Millions of possible combinations need to be restricted to one before I really commence building. This original ‘vision’ has to be strong enough to withstand the compromises I must make during the production or the end result will be a little lame.

I think I may not have enough processing power for this and blogging, but I will soon be finished as some of the ideas are starting to fall into place and, once I start on the resin etc. very little computing power is needed. Sandpapering is a meditation rather than a conundrum … and leaves me with blogging capacity.

So… see you on the other side..

[after Wimbledon]…:))



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7 responses to “Doing Nothing, Creating.

  1. does anybody else feel as honored to be friends with this person as me?

  2. Maeve

    yes, Wiz. so yes, so very very very yes. I’m bordering on Molly Bloom here… but… YES!
    BTW, you amaze me “-)

  3. *blushes* … but then I have such big souled friends too…

  4. So glad to see you starting to tackle another piece! Your comments remind me of Rodin’s famous quote: “I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don’t need.” In your case, maybe its sandpaper versus the chisel :) Looking forward to seeing you discover the art in it.


    Yup understand completely regarding the computing capacity. My own blog took a hit as well. Thanks for the comment and sorry about the slow approval…for awhile all I had were spammers sending in comments (despite having the annoying code set up) so I have to manually approve them.

  5. I loved reading your blog, Scottius, and i have no problem with waiting for approval, I have had the same trouble before with spammers… Keep up the great work, it’ll be amazing to see the book when it is finished, I will certainly feature it here.

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