The inspiration of Lukas Rosol

There are times, if you manage to recognise them, when the outer and inner You are in harmony focused on one particular task.

You may find you accomplish unusually competent artistic or athletic feats without any previous indication that you would be able, and which later leave you slightly puzzled, disbelieving, almost, that you did that.

You have been in The Zone, inspired. For most of us it is a rare state which is more or less beyond our control, but the ‘taste’ of it lingers and is recognisable when we are lucky enough to revisit, or, seemingly, be revisited.

All this came to mind tonight watching Wimbledon where a player, Lukas Rosol, ranked 100 in the world played almost perfect tennis to beat Rafa Nadal in 5 sets on Centre Court.

The quote…”So many emotions and I am really happy for this and I still don’t believe it because it is just like a dream for me,”  is typical of this inspired consciousness, almost an indicator that one has been touched by the Muse.

He has previously been knocked out of the qualifying round for the last 5 years running.. lessons for us all to be taken from that too.

Once you have been in The Zone you have the ability to find it again …. I can’t describe how that happens, or control it, but there is a sort of faint recognition of how it tastes when you approach it.  I love The Stalker because it deals with this state.

…but for the most part we just get on with the daily mechanics of the task, no point hanging around like someone in Ibsen’s Wild Duck, lying on the sofa waiting for inspiration to strike and the Great Opus to be revealed.

…so…this in contrast, but related to my last post…. busy doing nothing…. you do have to get off your butt eventually.

Good job I have to work for a living…




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2 responses to “The inspiration of Lukas Rosol

  1. Never know when the Zone comes and goes, but clearing out the junk that builds up in our overly conscious heads helps make it happen.

  2. Yep, agreed, I used to think that loud music and recreational drugs helped, but it turns out it was just a phase I was going through…:))

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