Blog drought…

Not a lot has happened in my world this past while. I’ve had my nose glued to the TV with my feet up watching Wimbledon this last 14 days. It’s an annual ritual for me, I love the one-on-one duels where the skills are as important as the nerves … the armchair psychology of success and failure etc etc.

Some of my Empire Avenue shareholders have sold my ass as my dividend drops (Oh ye of little faith)…while my blog readers have delved into my past archives searching for some interesting snippets. The spyders keep crawling and my human page turns have stayed the same… so, as this fortnight of blog-neglect draws to a close I have a few bits and pieces….

InWorldz… well, I have a new Mac Viewer, thanks to McCabe Maxsted for the build. I no longer crash when I use search which I did on the old Imprudence, and the day cycles are sorted to suit the Snow Leopard. I fully understand that some don’t want to upgrade to Snow Leopard but with the Mac OS Mountain Lion just around the corner… it’s probably time…

Rumours are going round that the long anticipated Physx engine is soon to be released.. and having seen a preview we are all a bit excited…

…and Wizzy is planning a bowling alley…. so I made some pins…












All of this put me in mind, this week, of Alan Turing and the ACE computer… important to remember our history. He was the first guy to work out that some mathematics could be done by machine. He drew and designed the machine and part of it got built, 32 feet long, 8 feet high and 4 feet deep. With it he lead a team that cracked the German Enigma Code during the war …… he did lots of other stuff too…

It is thought that the pressure of his (then) illegal homosexual behaviour caused him extreme depression and that he committed suicide by eating a poison apple which was found by his death-bed. The apple was never tested for poison, though, and the whole circumstances of his death remain shrouded in mist. Some think the Mac logo is a direct reference to Turing…

The Post Office is issuing stamps to mark his birth centenary.. 23rd June 1912





..not the best bit of design I’ve ever seen, probably done on a computer though…

So, glad that my newly cleaned Mac isn’t 32 feet long I’ll settle down to some designing myself. I’m working on the layout of an RL garden, building a mock-up in InWorldz and then photographing, then tracing by hand …to make some perspective sketches of my ideas.

Next weekend I’m staying in the country at the posh house (house-sitting) with the crappy, slow PC … so … slow motion…

Have a great week.



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