Virtual Designing…

Well, there’s been a lot of blog activity on the demise of Second Life and many of the recent posts have received the same reply from me… namely, if you don’t get good service from your service provider then change provider.

This, in the same week when I tweeted ..”It’s a great feeling when, halfway thro a build you check to see how many prims you have left and the answer is 39,263. I love #InWorldz .”

My frustration with SL ended many months ago when I decided to accept the fact that Linden Lab was gonna watch Second Life wilt.

Now, no-one, not even LL can change the usefulness of virtual worlds to the designer and I thought you might like to see what a days work in InWorldz helped me out with this week.

This design sketch for the front of a client’s house. In fact, if needed it would be possible to make a few alternative shots because this garden is built in my workshop at InWorldz and just photographed and then rendered in black and white to save printer ink. Obviously it’s a sketch and not any finished image reproduced here, as I said, to show one use of VWs.

I would struggle to get the perspective right trying to Photoshop these pyramid Yews with their pots onto a photo…. and we can try different pots and topiary shapes pretty simply now that the garden exists in Iwz.

So.. although it may seem like the sky is falling in on Second Life, the future for Virtual Worlds looks very rosy to me.

The king is dead, long live the king.




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4 responses to “Virtual Designing…

  1. did the client go for the design?

  2. Don’t know yet, they have built the fountain in the centre of the drive (still to be finished) but the yews are a new idea. They want a formal Stately Home image at the front.

  3. Juanita Deharo

    Brilliant. You’re right, virtual worlds are a great tool for design. I have lately used SL (not Inworldz, cos I wanted some feedback and Inworldz is still empty to me) to build some mockups of my pool courtyard refurbishment. I could sit at the computer with my builder and move bits around and discuss, and even better, friends from around the world (including other real life builders) could look at and talk with me about the design, position and height of walls etc.
    Since you can now do mock ups on an ipad with a cheap app. it seems to me the BIG advantage of virtual worlds is the ability to have a whole heap of people come and look over and comment on ideas. Collaborative rl projects can easlly be a reality.

  4. Absolutely. This is a powerful design tool only available to the rich a few years ago.

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