There goes the neighbourhood….

I’ve been planting a few things at the Fashion Fair as a bit of landscaping, and I’ve been asked to restrict my use of glow, particles and fullbright as the common myth that these contribute to Lag is well and thriving….

On my sim I have 1000 active scripts, 21000 sculpties and I use a lot of 1024×1024 textures, masses of glow and fullbright……. my FPS is better than when I’m at the Fashion Fair sim which has 7000 objects, and 174 scripts…. no glow etc.

The great myth is that lag is dominated by the stuff we make…it isn’t.

The network, my computer, the servers, these are obviously things we can do little about when holding an event and all of these have major effects on lag.

Scripts … it has nothing to do with the number of scripts being run… it is which scripts, and how many different scripts. 1000 identical scripts have the same effect as 1 from what I have understood. …. just one dodgy script can lag a region, however.

ARC’s … hmm.. not something you want to talk about at a fashion show… but those resizing scripts are killers.

…and finally…the effect of glow, fullbright and, (yes, it’s true), I have even heard that the colour orange is blamed for lag … these, along with the size of the textures have such a minor effect on lag as to be almost ignored.

I have ignored them for 5 years, along with the myth about megas causing lag, and have had no ill effects.

However… if you share a sim with others… trouble is a-brewing. The lag monster will get you if your neighbours have breedables… [there goes the neighbourhood]  because they are coming to Inworldz I have heard, and there’s nothing that screws up a neighbourhood like breedables. Horses, rabbits and meeroos should all be cooked slowly over a hot fire, oh yes, and babies.

Well, it might just be a rumour… along with the rumour about someone being banned for misbehaving. If anyone has been banned for misbehaving in Inworldz we are all in trouble. I have only to say, regarding this rumour, that The Great MissBehaviour, namely SaveMe Oh was never banned from SL despite loads of hysterical approaches to LL about how ghastly she is and, personally, I think it is to LL’s perpetual credit that they didn’t.

Credit can never be given to a witch hunt, even if the witch in question is annoying the panties off a group of ‘civilised’ citizens…. or else … there goes the neighbourhood.

That is what makes up a society … some people don’t get on, period.

Live with it.




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8 responses to “There goes the neighbourhood….

  1. Those who do not want her present at their event should put her on the banlist for the region as part of their planning for the event.

    Don’t have that level of control of the region? Don’t hold the event there, stupid.

    You would think people who plan events and do not want her present would add this to their procedure. *shrug* (See previous comment of “stupid”)

    When others show up and act in what they decide is a disruptive manner, remove them from the event.

    Oh well. Art goes on, right?


  2. After I finished off Philip Linden and M Linden the remaining Linden begged me on their knees to misbehave as much as I could as they only believed in me as capable enough to change SL boredom into events so that people still think secondlife is alive. On this moment an art event is only an art event when I have visited it, disturbed it or made it impossible. The way how I react depends on the quality of the art which is in general lousy, so big disturbance is needed to make it really an event.
    When your name is Crap and out of you mouth comes Crap and you want to instituonalise preventive banning of the saviour of Secondlife you are what we call a walking Lagbag. With these kind of idiots art doesn’t go on but becomes the sad hobby of some isolated artistic wannabees.

  3. that freakin’ orange colour! that is the worst for lag and should be banned! =p

    aren’t most of the things you mention client-side? they may make someone’s dumpy machine freak out but that’s not sim lag right?

  4. Kikas Babenco

    Lag and Save Me are myths…
    I prefer Save Me.
    By the way, is teal laggy?

  5. @ Crap, yep, I would say “deal with it rather go to teacher’…

    @SaveMe….. thanks for making my blogpost more artistic

    @Ener Yes, server and network lag is beyond our control for sure. The way textures have been loading in SL recently is horrible, and that’s not client-side.

    @Kikas …. mmm, maybe we need to work on a fashionlag range of colours for this season.

  6. You’re right in so many ways…
    I have raw materials (textures, scripts) but I believe strongly that the environment (the program, the servers, personal network, etc) are part of the environmental constraints I must work within to make art. It would be simple enough to ignore the resources of The Commons and blast away with scripts that continually overload the region, hog resources & bring any other exhibit to a crawl.

    I’ve seen this over & over in SL; fancy, tricky scripts that are nonetheless badly-written, ping the servers in .01 increments & lag the entire region. As you mention, those “resizer” scripts are very bad at this, as are scripts which deal with physicals and scripts that use “texture-change” attributes set very quickly (when they don’t need to be). Another HUGE area of lag is particle scripts that are badly-written. You can get the same effect with many less particles, or with particles that have a faster half-life. All those problems can be solved by people actually understanding what they are using, how it works and how to incorporate a polite relationship with the ecology.

    The color Orange? Glow? Oh please, give me a break. Anyone who thinks those things would contribute to server lag hasn’t a clue. People’d rather blame anything but their hair scripts, their clothing scripts, their bling and overloaded particle scripts (and sex beds, which have 80-200 “position” scripts running & pinging a server at merciless intervals (even if they are “not in use”) and flashing, changing ad-signs.

    I am frequently amazed at the selfish approach to grabbing every resource available. Sure, you can push the limits of the available resources if you do it on your own sim. Go wild; make as many physicals as you like, with flickering texture changes, scripts that continuously ping the servers in tiny intervals (like greeters/list makers) and particles that are producing much more lag because they are written/tweaked badly. Doing it in a place where you’re going to be sharing with others (like an art gallery, shopping mall or something like Hair Fair) is rude & demonstrates an entire lack of courtesy and awareness of the program, understanding of how your scripts work & the environment you’re sharing.

  7. @ Miso… right on..:))

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