Olympic ponderings..

In the early days of sporting activity, while the women of a tribe were finding food, rearing young and organising everything, the men filled their spare time by beating each other over the head with blunt instruments. As technology advanced, stone axes took the place of wooden clubs only to be upgraded to knives and swords as we became more civilized.

Finding that this tended to make this Beating-The-Bejeezus-Out-Of-Each-Other sport a rather short lived amusement, men thought it might be interesting not to use weapons at all, but use their fists…. and, thus, boxing was born.

Women, to their eternal credit, watched on, shaking their heads and repairing the damage after trying to get blood out of the carpets of history.

So, now, women are finally allowed to partake of this ‘sport’ in the Olympics, and it has been proclaimed as a triumph of equality. To my mind this only means that some women have moved backwards down the evolutionary ladder to a place where knocking the (scarce) IQ out of each other for the amusement of others is seen as a desirable addition to the world of sport.

Like football..(soccer)….on parks all over this nation we see dogs chasing balls for their own and their owners amusement and any Olympic sport that you could train a dog to do is a questionable highlight of mankind’s endeavours. Still the Masses must be right..(?)

I would not hesitate to add, as a balance to the above rhetoric, that I see it as a major, laudable achievement that all countries now participating in the Olympic games, (205, I think) have to allow women to compete. Thus the Olympics have regained some credibility in my eyes, by dragging some Islamic nations kicking and screaming into the 21st Century where, even if it is purely token equality at the moment, young girls can hope for a brighter future. More Muslim female role models will arise. Good.

As for the opening ceremony, well, I lost the will to live after the first 2 hours, but, then I’m the same at any concert. I did enjoy the first two hours and what I saw today of the recorded highlights of the torch stuff impressed me enough to think that the UK had done OK.

It is always a problem when trying to present complicated themes (e.g. the folk soul of the British people) in a relatively short time-frame. There will always be the danger of stereotypical characterisations, and this was not completely avoided in a show verging, at points, on a Disneyesque portrayal, but ….on the whole, not bad.

So, now, I’ll be settling down in front of the Box to watch some tennis and some gymnastics and watch my Empire Avenues share price plummet as I shun Social Media for real life aspirations, frustrations, disappointments and glory.

Olympia and the mortal race, what a great saga.





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2 responses to “Olympic ponderings..

  1. OK, you don’t like boxing. I get that. I don’t like tennis or football (American or otherwise). But in insulting the women’s boxing teams you’re doing a disservice to the fighters who worked damn hard to qualify for a very limited number of Olympic berths in a sport that is still very much a boys’ club. Professional female boxers have a hard time even getting matches, even with title belts around their waists.

    Dismiss it if you will – and clearly you have – but boxing is their passion and their calling. And I for one applaud them.

  2. OK, Abel, I plead guilty. I’m sure my glib remarks are offensive if taken too seriously. I still believe, however, that not everything men do is worth copying by women.
    War and battle are not, in my mind, worthy of the effort by women to get included in, and I include boxing in that category.
    If men stuck their heads down toilets and excluded women, you might agree…. but that may still offend some women.

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