Whither Second Life tier?

‘What shall we do with Second Life?’

Well, this isn’t my question but basically one that the ex-Saviour Rod Humble has posed to readers of the SL Universe online forum, a place I never have or am likely to visit.

This appeal … “Right now after performance our biggest issue is not getting new signups or even people to experience SL for a bit, it’s turning them into long term users. Any thoughts on what you would do? We have some ideas but before pulling the trigger I would be curious what folks thoughts are here. The more varied the better.” ..was reported by Hamlet and there were many long and weird (some of them) suggestions about how to rescue SL.

As I have discussed this with hundreds of people over the years, on this and other blogs, I have no intention of going into any such conversation here.  I am pretty sure that no-one at LL is listening anyway, and never have, tainted as they are with the idea that long term users are Losers.

The question is purely hype masquerading as consultation, our politicians do it all the time, “listening” to what the public want. Ha!

In recent speculation a friend and I discussed the possibility, which she had heard rumoured at a RL dinner party, that LL was going to double tier. “They wouldn’t dare” said I, before I had thought it through…. but further thought made me question that knee-jerk reaction for it is exactly the sort of thing LL would do.

They cannot sit back and watch their income dwindling without some significant action. Surely the Myth of  Million Users is now dead, even amongst the most demented of Linden, having realised that Facebook’s billion users aren’t gonna switch to SL (especially as half that number are dogs anyway). So…in a niche market you get the best price you can and market it as a luxury product. Suddenly the speculation sounds possible.

Well, speculating about the future is a dumb gamble (but fun) … no-one would have made the crew of the Star Ship Enterprise obese…. or Chinese.

Anyway… the answer to a question is often in the question… viz ..”Right now after performance our biggest issue is…” … just remove the word “after” and you have the following Yoda-style statement…

“Right now performance our biggest issue is…”

…or, as Miso (our local Yoda) put it ..”you lag, you lose”. Period.

Up the SL tier? InWorldz would love you forever.




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7 responses to “Whither Second Life tier?

  1. ‘Double the Tier..’

    When I first read that I laughed.

    The second time I read that I laughed, thought about it and concluded they wouldn’t be that stupid.

    The third time I read that I thought about it some more, concluded that they are that stupid and they just might do it.

    The lure of Inworldz and the Open Sims grows stronger every passing day..

  2. The problem of course is that LL financial Gnomes are locked into their deal with Land Barons. Last year they gave a free weekend break on setup fees and a whole bunch of people got sims and dropped their rentals from the Barons which, in turn, led to the Barons dropping a whole lot of real estate. LL even admitted it was probably a mistake and never repeated it. So I am pretty sure they can’t or wont drop tier but, on the other hand, if they were daft enough to not see the Land Barons reaction coming last year they might well think they can get away with a price hike for the general residents and favor the Barons with a new lucrative deal – especially if LL’s new rate goes pushing people back to the rental market.

    You bet your life what ever they do they wont get it right and just do something daft that helps accelerate the steady decline.

  3. @ Alex ..Yes, the amazing thing about this is that, thinking about it, it is possible for LL to shoot themselves in the foot again; after all, they have a lot of experience in doing so.

  4. @miso … yep if it’s real gold you could make food for celebs with it.

  5. @ Gaga .. there has been so little logic in previous tier pricing that anything is possible… even some Barons have left.

  6. zzpearlbottom

    LL can look at some regions and learn how they can make SL still an unbeatable place!
    They just need to come into World, using a Tpv that works flawless (in my case Niran’s latest dev version 1.47) and visit the Black Sea regions.
    They could learn then that renting is still a good option as long as the covenant rules are logical in order to create the most amazing community experience possible!
    Still, for a builder, that only desires to share the work with others and see if they enjoy it, Open Sims, mainly OSGrid, is still where i feel the future is!
    SL as still the advantage that is the place where any can socialize or try to, easly, but with the lost of so many residents, i fear it will be a lonely place as OSgrid will strive and grow!
    There is only 2 things that will make the final blow to SL domain, a free open source physics engine for Open Sims and Sl residents realizing there is more then SL!

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