Post-Olympic Bits and Blobs

As the media starts to go into Olympic withdrawal with no-one to ask stupid questions like “What were your emotions on receiving gold?” …etc, and the post-party de-briefing continues with Us patting Ourselves on the back; the athletes fly home to turn Olympic Gold into advertising gold.

Except one… Ostapchuk becomes one of the stupidest people on the planet turning Olympic Gold into thin air as she tested positive for drugs.  Now, I admit it is possible that she took the drugs by mistake …. but it’s also possible she is a bit stupid. The NZ champion Valerie Adams gets the gold, good luck to her… better late than never.

The panic selling of soror Nishi stock on Empire Avenue has ceased and things are slowly returning to normal (whatever that means) except for my Klout which got clobbered.. who cares?

…and so another week starts and nothing much has changed despite claims (again by the media) that Britain has changed, the ground elder and associated weeds are just as boring. No Gold Medal for weeding.

Have I learned anything during the last two weeks? Well, not much. I found it interesting though that the cyclists came under attack by some foreign media for doing too well. [The French still hate us for winning the Tour and said we cheated..] Apparently their success was due to a careful study of the details. Like an F1 team they only used 2 coats of paint on the bikes instead of 3, cut fractions off the weight. They also used thigh warming trousers between races etc. etc. small incremental improvements add up.

This is how Tranq works on the InWorldz code too, and is exactly the problem with LL … it’s how athletes win gold and how we all achieve a degree of success, slowly.

Botgirl has a post around the same theme… RL art is slow art…. here.

Ener asks.. selective-details-or-simply-obsessed ? in a recent post. Well, a bit of each probably. I have spent many hours positioning some prims and many attempts aligning textures before I’m happy. It’s my version of hours on the track and in the gym and sometimes it gets recognised and appreciated [thanks to UWA for my 5th prize for The Goatfruit Tree] but mostly I do it for myself.

So, I go back to work knowing that all success comes slowly and that whether or not others recognise my endeavours, I do.





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2 responses to “Post-Olympic Bits and Blobs

  1. o/

    wow, that gave me goosebumps – “i do” – how powerful that is and how important that is to our personal health and wealth in life!

  2. Thx Ener…. I totally agree.

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