Save the Casamance, Senegal

It’s often difficult to get involved in African problems, at least for most of us.

I visited Casamance, the southern part of Senegal several years ago where my longtime friend Siri had bought a piece of land to start a project with local people to use money from tourism to fund the education of their children.

I totally fell in love with Ziguinchur, the local ‘big’ town, and the coast is a dream.

Siri is the brains behind the project, Sesi Boubak and found funds from Norwegian friends to help with the project which she funded on her own to start with.

I personally loved the area which is very rich in wildlife, especially birds which migrate to Europe in the summer. It’s mainly forest inland and mangroves around the edge of the delta.

It’s under threat now from an Australian mining corporation who want to dredge the whole coast looking for zircon for mobile phones and tablets….

The video isn’t brilliant, French is the chief foreign language spoken in Senegal, but it shows how easy it is for these people to be ignored completely. If you would like to share or like on YouTube, please do.

Now, resistance is never futile and signing the petition, in French, would be a start. It’s here.

Their Facebook page is here…. I’m sure a few “likes” would be appreciated.

If you have a chance to visit, as a tourist, then the website for Sesi Boubak is here… it’s in English and Norwegian, so worth a look if you have a bit of time. Tourism is a great way to put money into the local economy and Siri really is a gem.

Let’s do what we can.




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  1. Ahhhh…Zichunchor. loved it…..

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