Metaverse ramblings

Lots of things have been going on since I last put pen to paper  …..

LL made a bit of a statement around their year-long endeavours to enable hypergridding (if that’s a verb) to OS grids…. Torley vid of the result…. apparently this is 4 years old… so…. I thought it was recent when I saw Wizzy tweet it, but it just goes to show, well, nothin’ much.

…which sort of ties in with a post I did years back where I suggested that SL could become the shopping mall of the metaverse with people popping in to buy stuff etc etc…. ancient history now as they cut links to OS.

They have apparently also declared war on lag… not bad after 5 years…
but it doesn’t quite tie in with any of my recent experiences on SL.

It seems to me that I need to upgrade my computer a bit since the introduction of mesh. As I predicted (and loads of people got annoyed with me over this) mesh has not reduced lag one iota and, in fact, appears to have made matters worse. I had a friend on SL before the introduction of Windlight (obviously not something I would want to do away with now) who had to drop out of SL because his computer couldn’t take anymore even after reducing his Prefs to the minimum. That’s progress I guess…

..and the announcement of new graphics tools

are bound to help make SL a little more glossy, but I can’t imagine that it will not put further strain on my hardware, if and when it eventually happens.

This new-found Glossy Drive will surely help LL justify a rumoured price rise…we will see.

Anyway… partly spurred on by Fleeps recent blog post (with very good posts by Botgirl [although I disagree and accept no responsibilty of LL’s failure])….and partly for no reason at all… Wizzy and I had a little bit of a trip, first to Avination

Now, as you have to pay for uploads (a mistake in my view) I was stuck in the no mod skin and shape and looked like a cross between a secretary and a school girl… Wizzy had spent some cash and looked a lot better. Of course, because I didn’t know anyone the place looked deserted and I didn’t spend long there.

So, as a lark we decided to meet in World of Warcraft the next night… Downloading the huge file for WoW was not something that you could do in 15 minutes, but, as it was a free trial we decided to go with it the following day…

We didn’t meet up… maybe we were in the wrong regions, maybe we were in the wrong continent and maybe the freebie trial didn’t allow for much socialising. I did, however, start to find my way around the UI which, in my opinion is far less intuitive that the old Imprudence style one. So.. if I want a hobby killing pigs for fun, I know how to do that.

The size of my hands though might put me off… gawd I could dig a mine with hands like that.

After a great Facebook chat with Alpha Auer I eventually got to Ngrid which seems to be where some of the cool kids are hanging out (Alpha and Selavy, for example)… the login screen is not for those with hangovers…

Grid manager details…..


I have started de-Ruthing… but the av I got is fully mod….so it isn’t a pain, I imported my shape and some textures for a skin..all free.


Back on InWorldz, however, the fashion show thingy was finished and they raised a Grand Total = $2,011.56 USD for St. Jude’s Childrens Research Hospital. Well done to all involved.

Trials of the long-awaited PhysX have been going ahead and it all looks good. Wizzy crashed the beta grid, just to help… but it’s all getting very close now.

A couple of new trees are available for sale on InWorldz too..

The Steamfunk Tree..

…and the Tree of Rings.

On the Art Front…the whole IMAB…(Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial) thing is worth considering too…I signed up for it..

“About IMAB:

The future of virtual reality is the hypergridded metaverse. New worlds are being set up in OpenSim every day, each has its own creators and arts scene, and you can visit them all with a single avatar. Do you have art you’d like to show others? Do you want help in bringing residents of other worlds to see your creations? Whether you’re into virtual sculpture, architecture, installation art, 2D art, literature, video, music or performance, The Metaverse Arts Adventure is here to make that happen!

We offer:
**a dynamic website directory of artists, where you can post pictures and descriptions of your art, poetry, literature, music links etc.
**a long-term series of festivals, exhibitions and open house events, where you can network, explore and share ideas
**a an E-book (available also in print), published at the end of the first round of the expo, which will include a catalog of all the participating artists

More info:
Josina Burgess and Velaquez Bonetto, heads of the IMAB, organized “Metaverse Art” in 2010. It was a similar show but limited then to just Second Life art.”

“The 6 month long Intergrid Metaverse Arts Biennial will begin on September 6 at CARP in Second Life. Josina Burgess, Medora Chevalier, Juniverse Stockholm and Velazquez Bonetto present THE CHANGE, a brand new dynamic theater performance, marking the centenary of Nicolas Schöffer. Our second event will be “Acquarella Rising” by Alizarin Goldflake in InWorldz. IMAB will continue for 6 months thereafter with new openings biweekly.”

In other (RL) news…

On a personal note I am grappling with rental agents and trying to move house, still. It looks like they will condescend to robbing me blind if I pay 6 months rent upfront … words fail me..well, words that I could print do.

Don’t be surprised if I am a little busy for the next few weeks, but I will probably be around..

..if I haven’t been jailed for GBH (grievous bodily harm)…




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3 responses to “Metaverse ramblings

  1. In Re: the huzzahs that Torley exudes in the vid above when Linden Lab and IBM successfully collaborated and teleported an avie from SL to an Open Sim grid. That was four years ago and since then Linden Lab has realized they were making a grave error and swiftly backtracked and covered those tracks. Linden Lab now requires Third Party Viewers *NOT* provide easy login links to other grids. They are obviously trying to discourage noobs from finding out about the other grids. This is the same mindset that made them do a code change that prevents a TPV user from seeing which viewer others are running. This is so lame I can hardly restrain myself.

  2. I totally agree… when I first saw the Tweet linking to this vid I thought it was recent and wondered if I had made a mistake about LL and that they were really trying to improve the Metaverse …. it became obvious when I saw the date that in fact it was another failed promise along with flexi sculpties that LL had shelved. Things had not changed, just more of the same.
    No surprises there, then.

  3. hypergridding to SL! yes, i remember the excitement of IBM making the first leap – too bad LL shut it all down

    mesh is bad news because there are lots of horrible mesh makers out there – good mesh could make it better but did LL really think there would not be a whole lot of high load mesh being uploaded?

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