Acquisition and Adventure.

Watching Job’s acolytes streaming out of the Apple stores waving their trophy i5’s above their heads made quite a contrast to my own personal experience of the last month. It has been quite a hard month for me mentally and emotionally.

Being dragged out of your comfort zone into a sort of drab but dangerous adventure has rewards which are somehow more life-enhancing [it seems to me] than a new status toy.

It started over a month ago with me wishing to improve my lot by finding a more harmonious hovel than the one I have been living in for the last two and a half years. I had not realised how much the world had changed in that time and the consequences of such a seemingly harmless endeavour.

The asylum is not run by the lunatics, if it was it would be a far more interesting world that we lived in. People so disinterested in what they do that they are semi-comatose most of the time are those that seem to man most of the interface between customer/client and corporation/business. The “whatever” wage slave.

Now that I can sit back and review the whole thing I have to liken it to wresting treacle. Systems have been set in place to service 80% of the public with the absolute minimum of effort and risk, and these systems are staffed by people who are forbidden to use any intelligence or initiative [assuming they have either of these qualities in the first place]. A case of the classic “Computer says No”.

So, running out of an Apple store with a new toy is obviously a lot easier and less demanding.

However, comfort and ease do not necessarily tax the highest of our attributes. Having demands made upon our mental stamina, problem solving and stoic natures makes success, (however limited) sweet indeed. Comfort seems to have elements of both laziness and greed mixed in to it and, by our natures, we fall prey to it readily and willingly.

Having thrown everything up into the air and watching it land has proved to be rather satisfying and I feel a renewed sense of creativity, it seems to have shaken off some of my sloth and given me a new energy … but I have to say that it was bloody hard work; drudgery.

So, now, with a good majority of the Augean Stables cleaned I can turn my hand to more creative construction … creating a studio… yummm.

this is the ‘before’ photo

The 5th task of Hercules and the 5th iPhone … give me the stables anytime … but not too often.




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2 responses to “Acquisition and Adventure.

  1. I find the Apple lemmings fun to watch. Nothing more amusing than seeing a fool separated from his or her money. Best of luck with the hovel hunt!

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