New stuff…

Well, I’ve kick-started my old WordPress blog, here, as my Islandic blog attracts little Empire Avenue dividends. That doesn’t change anything for anyone really, it’s just me, in stereo.

Not a lot to report here which is why I haven’t been churning out the posts. I’m quite preocccupied by a couple of RL art projects, my sculpture and a new painting I’m doing for my bedroom…. more on that as and when I have photos to show the process.

On the gardening front I am looking to plant the 5 large yews I showed in a previous sketch ( made via Inworldz) which my client loved, except for the pots….

…they will be planted in the ground … (hope the rabbits don’t nibble… they shouldn’t, because yew is poisonous, but these are specially miscreant rabbits).
I must get a good snap of the fountain, that’s been built and looks grand…
Anyway…just a little heads-up to say that I’m still alive, and in stereo…

Hugz to all



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