New Tree

Well, I finally got round to making a new tree in Inworldz this week while waiting for paint and resin to dry in my garage. It’s been quite a while since my last virtual contribution to the biosphere and, after lots of messing about with particle scripts, I am fairly happy with the results…

I’m not sure why I can’t get a 1024 to show on this page but I’ll look into it further…

…anyway.. all was well except I haven’t yet found a name, having rejected the suggestion of Baumgartner [the man who recently achieved the world title of The Man With The Most Tightly Clenched Buttocks], and who MSNBC reported as having traveled faster than the speed of light.. (thanks to Wizzy for pointing that out)…

…no, Baugartner reminds me too much of Randy Bumgardner who is the manager of the Blair House and Assistant Chief of Protocol. A name I think Google would have to reject as being totally fictitious giving half a chance, …

Who on earth decided to change their name from Baumgatner to Bumgardner, and why? Did they think it sounded more American, more decent?…to then give your child the Christian name of Randy approaches child abuse, surely. I guess, like Newt’s parents they figured “if he survives the playground he’ll grow up good and strong”… a sort of RL version of “a boy named Sue”…

…and with the Presidential election resembling a reality TV show, why not just give the job to the guy with the most money and the weirdest name? Barack… somewhere you house troops (slightly misspelled) … Mitt (“what’s that? an abbreviation of Mitthew”..)… and my personal fav, Newt. Not Randy Bumgardner, he’s just a living temptation to make anal jokes, which, you will notice, I resisted., (more or less).
So, all suggestions for my new tree will be willing listened too before being politely rejected….

In other news…there isn’t much really. Last weeks mention of the LL games was followed fairly quickly by a review of one of them by someone…I am far to disinterested to even find the link, sorry. Apparently it was pretty crap, and not finished, and cost 10$… *not surprised*
My account and others on Twitter were hacked and used to send out the old “I can’t believe it’s you in this video” spam . Whoever does this is really stupid not to change the message “I can’t believe…” is now synonymous with “I can’t believe you are still trying this same old trick, muppet!”..

and…Facebook… now, why is it that when I have adjusted my privacy settings to “No-one” being able to post on my timeline that I still get other peoples crap posted? I actually do know the answer to this… you cannot have “no-one” see posts you are tagged in … FB is more than a bit crap, really.

Meanwhile….back at InWorldz….

…v cool… PhysX is a-coming ..:))

Have a great weekend..




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