Saving Daylight.

“I say, Sir, I had a really spiffing idea this morning…”

“Really George?”

“Yes, Sir. To save on all the electricity that the working classes are using in the evenings we could get them all to get up later.”

“Well, that would make all the train time-tables wrong, would it not?”

“It would, unless we all get up one hour later and turn our clocks back one hour.”

“Good God George, I have no idea how to do that!”

“No, Sir, but your man could do it for you.”

“Well, what about those working class people who don’t have a butler? It sounds like a recipe for chaos, George.”

“Those that have clocks will have to learn to do it for themselves, Sir.”

So…let me get this straight, then. You are proposing that the whole country goes to bed one night and awakes one hour later, turns back their clocks, and then pretends nothing has happened?”

“Yes, Sir”

“Pray tell, how would you convince The House that this is a good idea?”

“I had thought we could call it Daylight Saving, as that sounds rather positive.”


“It will give us an extra hour on the golf course in the afternoon.”

“Oh … very well George. Do it.”




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2 responses to “Saving Daylight.

  1. Thanks for the tip, I never sure if it goes forward or back one hour thanks for clearing this up, have a great weekend.

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