The Election Blues and Sandy fail….

Every time there’s an election in the States we get to watch from the sidelines here in the UK.

Normally the whole circus leaves a lot of pretty confused, scratching our heads and generally thinking “Those crazy Yanks..” (or some such…)

We don’t usually get to see the Office of the President attacked with such gusto. Over here we have been whacking the Prime Minister for hundreds of years and are always a little surprised when someone as stupid as Bush or Reagan is given any credibility at all.

While Bush has been sorely missed by UK comedians, it looks like Mitt may be able to fill his shoes as Stupidest Leader of the Free World.  Being a Mormon too is comic gold….especially one who believes that the Parable of the Good Samaritan is a tale of a Communist trying to subvert the nation.
I guess we are all feeling like this…


…and while I’m picking videos… Sandy came and dumped on the East Coast. Now, I don’t actually have to see someone getting soaking wet in order to believe news reports that it’s raining cats and dogs, but… news teams feel it is vital that some poor reporter gets sent into the eye of the storm in order to make good TV….
…like this…

…but the Onion, once again [two years old but still right on the button], sums up why I never watch TV news..


Well, back to my garage … I should have something to show next week…

Keep warm..


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