Making a hollow sculpture …. a craftgeek post

Well, I thought a general update was in order as a few people asked… “How’s the sculpture going?”…

Parallel to my investigations (if that’s not too big a word for my fumblings) into 3D printing [previous posts] I am making my third tree of ‘real’ stuff rather than virtual prims.

I wanted to make it transparent and illuminated from within as with my second one but thought a single tree rather than a landscape would be the way to go. I decided to use the same transparent resin as before as it doesn’t smell but would need to make it hollow both for the weight and the cost.

One type of prim (material) that you can’t use so easily in Virtual Worlds is the long thin bendy stuff like wire, as this had already been done a lot I decided to go for fishing line; nylon. It takes the light well and is cheap and very long. I figured I could glue it all in place with transparent resin. It is a bugger to use though…. not surprising it’s not a common choice.

So…firstly to make a hollow trunk…

I first made a wax core of low temperature paraffin wax …

I coated that in plaster to give it a bit of stability as it was drooping in the hot weather (in the summer) and was collapsing under it’s own weight.

Knowing that the resin would stick to the plaster I then had to cover the whole thing in a layer of silicon rubber… then I could start.

I wrapped the whole thing in yards of fishing wire and about twenty coats of resin…

Now, my idea was to melt the wax out and pull the plaster out with the silicon rubber. Like many things we do I had absolutely no idea if it was going to work which is one reason why I haven’t blogged about it before.

Well, it did…

So now I have a hollow transparent trunk and have been able to start work on the canopy which I’ll make with fishing wire and reasin as well.

I am still undecided about whether to paint the trunk like the last sculpture and light it with white light from below, or whether to use a limited palette of coloured light (I could probably only choose two colours) and leave it unpainted …

I’m still hoping to do the base with 3D printing if it doesn’t cost a bomb and if I can master the software…

We’ll see…




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3 responses to “Making a hollow sculpture …. a craftgeek post

  1. Incredible… love to see the process and a peek into the sculptor’s thoughts..

  2. Thanks Bear. I figure it’s all experimental stuff, so worth sharing … glad you enjoy.

  3. I find the process to be fascinating and the sculpture is very imaginative. Coolness.

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