Where am I going?

One thing that a project helps you to avoid is the question ‘where are you going?’ While a project is in full swing you get to ask ‘how am I going to do this/that….’ rather than “why?”

So, I’m working on the canopy of my sculpture, making rings of nylon fishing line and using cable ties to hold them together while the resin sets. It’s going well, and, although it’ll need a lot of ‘cleaning up’ once it’s all done, I am happy that I have a control over the process and how it is all taking shape.


However, Aliz, Wizzy and I were talking about how I would like to step-up to making at least a part of my trees with glass. Aliz suggested a crowd-funded project to get me set up in a studio with all the machinery I would need and it became pretty obvious, after a long chat, that really I could do anything I wanted to. I have the skills to build and finance a glass studio and step up to the next level.

So I’ve been spending a lot of time researching various glass techniques I could use, fusing, torch work, casting and cold work. However I keep coming back to the same place. The techniques you use in an artwork are different, obviously, depending on the project you most want to tackle…. and the studio, including hardware, limit the range of what you can produce.

Maeve, insightful as ever, once asked me “what do you want from your art?” … and this is where I am, sort of, stuck.

At the time I thought, well, actually I don’t want anything, I’m just playing. Playing suits me, I don’t really need to ‘get anywhere’ as an artist, I am happy in my own little world. But… two things interfere with this little utopia…

One… money. I would like to be able to support myself, at least partially from my artistic endeavours…

Two …. it could/might be better in glass. I’m a little snobby about materials. I see glass as being more ‘aristocratic’ than resin, it’s probably more long-lived and it’s more classic.

Now, there is an interesting thing also with Ego that rears it’s ugly head at this point. As a guesstimate I would claim that 80% of sculptors would like to do large works as some painters would love to have a go at a huge canvas. I have the thought that it may have to do with the inflationary effect of the Ego, even if my brain says that trees should be large.

Size matters, especially when fantasizing about a future studio. This is surely the first and ultimate limitation….. and one of many great advantages with virtual worlds.

Anyway… this was just a little explanation of what my brain has been up to this last week.

All is well, even if it’s a little cold and dark out here in RL.




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2 responses to “Where am I going?

  1. SaveMe Oh

    I would say, buy a bonsai tree and cut it once in a while

  2. heheheh…great idea, thanks.

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