A cold week

Well, it’s been so cold in my studio that the resin isn’t really hardening, so I’ve had to take a bit of a break and do some research and sketching…

As far as the new tree is going I’ve been messing about on Gimp, and trying to decide about paint…


…the question of mono versus colour is one I haven’t quite made up my mind on although the time is fast approaching where I’ll have to make a decision.

The various deliberations I was talking about last week have more or less resolved themselves because I found out that it is possible to hire workshop space with kiln for a project-based period of time, from a few hours to a few days. This is a great idea for obvious reasons, even though it involves some driving.

Creative Glass, a company that is based about an hour from where I live, rent out both bench space and kilns etc… so that sounds perfect for a project in the New Year…

Sorting through a few boxes that I haven’t fully unpacked, I found I still have quite a lot of silver jewellery from my previous work in Hong Kong. It would be a real possibility to melt down a few bits for a future metal trunk …. I might even be able to sell a few pieces of jewellery to fund the glass and stuff. I think it’s fairly typical to be thinking more about the next project to the one I’m working on …. it just needs resin and loads of time and patience, whereas my next one needs brainwork, planning and design. Design is 95% about making a series of consequent decisions … and speculating.

…anyway… it’s all going slowly, but steadily.

I got given a panettone, again, by a grateful client. Seems like every Christmas I have at least one of these huge pieces of bread to deal with…. is there a good way of eating it?

I’m not ready for Christmas and the stuff on the radio seems to be far too Christmassy, far too early..

I guess Christmas will come to me too, eventually.



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