It is a purely modern cultural belief that a logical, rational ideas have more relevance than an illogical, mystic concept. We put these valuations on ideas because of where and when we are born.

When I was young I was asked to translate a play by a school teacher called Lubienski from French to Norwegian. I don’t remember his first name so I can’t link to any more information on him. The play was quite long and most of it has disappeared from my memory but one or two images have stayed with me.

One of these images (Lubienski was a dedicated mystic) involves God needing a particular soul to help people in another part of the world but this soul was stuck in a Nazi concentration camp (as was Lubienski when he wrote the play). So an angel, dressed as a Nazi storm trooper killed the particular person so that he could ‘escape’ and be reborn.

There is no explaining why or how images arise from our dark subconscious, but this idea of the ‘redistribution’ of souls came to mind quite strongly last week when I heard of Lalo’s illness and of how he was about to leave us for another virtual world.

He was needed elsewhere…. [?]

Now, this personal take on death may not be worth blogging as it stands… except…

Lubienski was a school teacher, he asked to accompany his class of children into the gas chamber so that they would not be frightened and lonely. So he went to his death as a guide for his children.

It is pure speculation, and not right and proper to claim any direct correlation with yesterdays events but as a mentor, on a new grid, you could not hope for a better guide than Lalo.

We wish them godspeed.




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2 responses to “Lalo

  1. annaloom

    Your words strike home and yes, there must be further purpose for us all. Lalo will be a great mentor and friend – peace be his

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