‘Tis Christmastide..

Well, it’s actually high tide, the fields are flooded and the rain is still coming down. Still, after one of the crapiest apocalypses I have ever experienced I guess I should be happy just to kick back and eat chocolate.

I’m actually house-sitting again for one of my clients who is over-wintering in LA while shopping for a new baby. Truth is stranger than fiction … mostly. I am enjoying life in a huge house with more rooms than you can shake a stick at. Glad I don’t have to do the cleaning, the cleaners will do it when they get back from holiday.

Luckily, in the year since I was last typing out a blogpost on their computer, they have upgraded to an iMac which, after hours of downloading software and tweeking prefs, now seems to be Ok..ish. The broadband isn’t as good as mine [and mine is fairly slow] … but then they live miles from so-called civilisation.

Anyway, today I’ve been to the supermarket where people are stacking their trolleys as if the Mayans were right, my little trolley looking like a poor persons Christmas…. but really ! … how much crap can you eat in a few days??

The weeks of incessant seasonal radio jingles have finally convinced me that this event will actually happen and the fact that none of my clients want any pruning [some of my clients could do with a good pruning… but you know I meant their gardens..] over the next fortnight leaves me with the prospect of putting my feet up and watching visual mind-crushing valium on the TV. I’ve got enough booze in to make it possible.

My recent house guest in now in Africa, sensible girl. We should probably all follow her out to a nice sandy beach and let the Mentals get on with their manic shopping etc…. *sigh* .. bloody Lotto numbers!

In spite of my general moaning I’m actually quite happy to shift down into first gear/parking and tax my digestive system for a couple of weeks. They say a change is as good as a rest…. not sure my stomach will agree.

There are millions of cookery programmes on the Box of course, I’ve just bought some small and very expensive fillet steaks for The Big Meal which will do me fine with some good veg. You won’t catch me stressing on The Day.

I hope you are gonna have a peaceful and pleasant week with good conversation and a few smiles.

I know it will be hard for some, and I am mindful of how lucky I am.

Warm thoughts go out to all.



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