Soror Nishi on Marketplace.

I have, in the past, often stated that I think that Marketplace is one of many elements that has helped to undermine SL. My reasoning is that dragging people out from a 3D world into a 2D one helps undermine the stores and malls that people pay good money to keep going on the grid…. and I hold to those views. I could be accused of a little hypocrisy in starting to load some stuff onto Marketplace but, then, I’ve never claimed that I’m not a hypocrite.



As I have no land anymore in SL it seems, now that the frequent ‘upgrades’ have slowed down, that Marketplace may be an ideal opportunity for me to sell some stuff.

My aim, and this may be pure fantasy, is to see if I can get some money to help with my future move into RL glass working…we will see.


It was a fairly straightforward business, if a little labourious, which starts with the SL viewer. The viewer has not become any better since I gave up trying to use it. My last attempt was probably more than a year ago, and it was a good decision. The SL viewer, however, has a “Marketplace Outbox” where you can drag items that you would like to sell once you have adjusted the Perms and the price , not forgetting the perms on the particles, texts, etc etc.

Then, on the SL website you can open a store, do a banner graphic and fill in all the details of your item. Instructions are all there.

It took me  about 3 hours to do the photos and fill in the details on the five items you see above. It wasn’t too taxing. I’ll be using the next few days and weeks to get some of the cheaper and low-prim stuff loaded and I’ll report back on how it goes once I’m ready to go and start advertising my store.

I’m not ordering a kiln just yet..:))

Apart from that I have to say thanks to all the kind Christmassy greetings and stuff that people have sent. I haven’t spent enough time in world to thank everyone yet, but they are much appreciated… thanks… and hugz. [auto correct always wants to turn “hugz” into “huge”….which is a stupid way to end a greeting.]



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