I’ve been a bit of a social recluse this last while, reading books and going to bed a little earlier than normal, I guess it’s the weather, and getting up before dawn… yukk..

Anyway, I have still been making stuff even though I haven’t been in my RL studio much as the resin is not co-operating…

strange fruit_002

This is a new tree with falling fruit to take advantage of the PhysX in Inworldz, it’s for the 2nd Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Fest. The event will run from February the  1st until February 22nd and will be held on  3 to 4 sims depending on the amount of applications

The Chairperson is Moontan Valeeva and Quadrapop has done some amazing terraforming…

strange fruit_001

Jeri Rahja is sponsoring the event which is located at the sims of IWZ Dreamz and Visionz Art Fest – and themed by the Elf Clan. The theme for the Fantasy Fest is “Wishing”.

In addition to this little build I have agreed to help Alpha Auer and Cherry Manga on Frigg Ragu’s new build around the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood in SL. Great to be working with such good builders, and I’m already making a few new plants for the site…. which I put on Marketplace too.

wiggly group_002

wiggly group_001

It’s a bit of a shock having to pay for texture uploads in SL, I got used to them being free…. and I’ve made a new bunch for the build already. Still it’s hardly likely to break the bank.

My RL gardening has been put on hold by the snow which is still blanketing all but one of my gardens so I’m in danger of going a little stir-crazy with only one or two days work this week … still, that’s what VW’s were made for.

Otherwise not much to report, it seems like winter is a good time to start to get some ideas about what to do with the new year and generally try to clarify plans and schemes. It’s classically the time when I order loads of seed for the spring and that’s quite archetypal.

I saw my first daffodil before the snow came … slightly confused plant.




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3 responses to “Status

  1. I’m guessing the resin isn’t cooperating due to the cold weather? Glad to know though that you can find a creative outlet in both worlds. The tree and mushrooms look good! Who made the fish?

  2. :)) yes, VW’s are pretty stable…..the fish is mine too

  3. Sorry about the resin! But the Elf Clan Fest tree looks marvelous, I can’t wait to see it!

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