Which one of you is Pink?

I have Synchronicity on my beside table again, along with my library books on “warm glass”. Jung talks about how once you start thinking about a subject (fish, in his case) then that subject crops up all over the place. Now, this last week has been a little similar … not that it’s a case of synchronicity … just that my mind has picked up a load of similar references in a vague effort to resolve a dilemma.

The dilemma is this question of the Artist and Production.

On the one hand it would be great to be able to live from one’s creativity, but on the other hand, producing Artistic Product is almost an oxymoron….

The first great piece I saw this week was from the pen of Whiskey Day… summing up the problem with great clarity …” There’s nothing to writing….

Then, on Bryn’s blog,
Rose commented…
“Why, Why, why is this artwork of Nessuno and Kicca not crowded?
Why, why, why is there not a constant speechless starring crowd at this sim, which wonders about its magic and is dazzled by the emotion it is expressing?”

I know how difficult it is to make a sim, and how little time you can afford to keep it at SL’s tier prices…

…and so to come to the title of this piece… Pink Floyd, in almost archetypal manner, struggled with the Difficult Second Album after Dark Side … the record company only interested in the Production and the cash. A trap they say they fell into too…

Now, this all came to be relevant for me because I put a piece of jewellery on eBay and faced the possibility that no one would bid. Maybe I would never sell another piece of artwork. Maybe I should just watch the TV .. forever. [that would, of course, never happen as I would soon start carving the sofa into a submarine, or, more likely a tree]

How much money can I invest in glass working when there is no guarantee of ever selling anything?

Wrong question? Probably…

opus Dorn copy

I have this painting on the wall over my computer. The quote is from Gerald Dorn around 1640 I think, and concerns the striving of Alchemists. “The One” meaning “The Stone of The Wise”, eternal life, Nirvana, or as the more unimaginative would have it, turning lead into gold.

Alchemy was called The Art for hundreds of years.
…and there you have it. Art is not about gold, art is about the transformation of the Self. Until “…there be made one thing of thy Self” all attempts at ordering the Outside World will fall short.

The Product is a bi-product.

Artwork is a shadow on the wall … and it’s value is that of a milestone showing you and others that you passed this way.

…an easy message to forget to remember.




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6 responses to “Which one of you is Pink?

  1. When I was a kid, my mom would do “sofa paintings” when we needed money. Her normal artwork came from her gut, and while most of it was beautiful, it wasn’t “pretty” and it surely wasn’t mainstream. The people who wanted artwork over their sofa wanted something pretty. So she would sell her sofa paintings to pay the bills, and paint her gut paintings to feed her demons or her soul, depending, I guess, on the day or the tide or the phase of the moon.

    It wasn’t until a few years ago that my mom’s artwork from the gut really started selling.But the buyers weren’t people with a big pretty flower over their sofas, they were other artists. Mom was attending workshops and critiques and studio days. Other artists were buying up her work as fast as she could make it. (She was doing some pretty astounding found object 3D pieces.)

    I wonder where she would be today had she not been injured. She was finally in a place where her art was supporting her AND itself. People were asking for more. And she was happily producing the work that fed her gut and her bank account at the same time.

    She’s still painting, still producing these crazy montages of found objects, but she doesn’t want to sell them anymore. She is still driven to create. But there’s no drive to sell it. Well, I have a drive to sell it, since her work takes up a lot of space in our very small home, and we do need the cash. I doubt though that she’s capable of painting sofa pictures anymore. ;)

    There’s no point to these rambles here, Soror, except to say that I hear you. Your post voices a quandary that artists forever have faced, and will forever have to. I guess the best of them can produce the sofa paintings to feed the gut paintings, else have loved ones to support them and their habits.

  2. Thanks, Whiskey, it’s an ongoing dilemma, for sure. Great that your Mum got to that stage, there are few that do, and I know some very talented artists that fall into that ‘no sales’ category.

  3. Wizzy

    and now we know where Whiskey got her talent from. :D

  4. “And maybe I’m nothing but a shadow on the wall” – Pere Ubu

    This perspective is one of the things that contribute to the design/art tug-of-war/definition. On my part, “design” is art created for some purpose or the creative use of art in objects meant to be used; “art” is created first for itself and its emotive power to reach others. There are crossovers of course, but in the main a work of art is a communicative expression.

    People have suggested before that I sell the design/plans for my 3D quantum Chessher chess set to some fab & pump out 200 or so. Their perspective is commercial; mine is not (although I wouldn’t turn down monetary help!). Such a thing would devalue the originals & I do not wish to do that.

    For the same reasons, I have not made another COMMODITY piece; the original was so much fun & interesting and gave me some ideas for RL pieces (have to find out where the junkyards are here for materials).

  5. Yep, tricky to find the line. I don’t do paintings of cats even though they would sell …. but that is because I genuinely believe it’s about process.

    If I was starving, my attitude would change, no doubt.

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