..general chit-chat….

It’s been a busy week with one thing and the other, but the first thing to post is a reminder that today at 12 SLT, which is 8 pm UK time this evening, the Little Red Riding Hood ..”the other side of the story” … sim is open for viewing….

Some photos on Flickr..


Ziki’s blog has a little better information if you can’t make the show.

In other news…. well, the build I did at the library in Inworldz has been very well documented by Alexina Procter who has compiled a little catalogue of artists involved…..here.… very well done, and thanks to Alex.

In RL, 5 years after I started my gardening business (business might be too grand a name for me-and-my-weeding-tool-Inc.) I am now fully employed with two new clients giving me a full weeks work. If the cartilage and weather hold, I may even get to have a holiday next xmas.

My RL tree is coming along slowly and I’m thinking about a nice base. I did consider an exotic hardwood but it seems a bit mean to help cut down the rain forests, so some local timber might be more appropriate. I finally made a decision on colour vs. monochrome with a cunning compromise, namely an opalescent glaze …. should give the best of both worlds.

RL world news is dominated by Pope Speculation [which won’t make any difference to African Aids crisis, they’ll still be told to stop having sex, the usual RC solution] … asteroids and meteors … [I’m currently re-reading the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trilogy as a break from glass books] …. and the State of The Unicorn speechifying from Obama. If the Unicorn and the Bull Dog do decide to drop tariffs I’ll be able to buy some more Rams for my computer….the current flock of 3 needs boosting to 12 I think… we’ll see.

Otherwise all is well, and light is returning to the northern hemisphere even if the temperature is a little on the chilly side…




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4 responses to “..general chit-chat….

  1. One way I used to justify/feel better about my work in exotic woods was to get them from the trashyard; you’d be amazed at what people throw away… mahogany, koa, oak, elm, beech… you’re not contributing to the destruction of these woods but rescuing them & repurposing/recycling them. You might try a day at your local junkyard for some amazing & useful woods.

  2. I love the word “woodyard.” sort of rolls off the tongue pleasurably.

  3. Yep, more news on that front in next post

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